Tapestry Repair

A professional should clean a tapestry that is very old and valuable. Some tapestries can usually be washed at home. Use suds made from mild soap flakes and warm water. Dry carefully and use a steam iron for pressing.Old antique tapestries often have flaws and holes. The most successful mending is to replace worn warps and to reweave the weft threads. An easier method is to attach a patch to the back and darn the hole. A serious drawback to this is that the patch is likely to shrink or pull if the tapestry is washed.

The Setp as follows:

1-Picture of the whole piece

2-Close up shots of damaged areas

3-We will give you an estimate,with three days

4-Exact size of the piece

tapestry repair No.1tapestry repair No.2

tapestry repair No.3tapestry restoration No.4

tapestry restoration No.5tapestry restoration No.6

Our team ,Which is a leading expert weaver of Taptesry Repair and Tapestry Restoration,Will Restore your old Rugs & Tapestries to the Original shape.We use New Zeeland wool, Hand span Vegetable Dyed Tibetan wool & excellent quality silk in reparing & reweaving.

Upon receipt of your tapestry or pictures, we will contact your with our recommendations and exact price quote.Please contact Emil Christensen.