Australia entomologist visited Karachi Cotton Association

 Australia entomologist Dr Neil Forrester in the Oct. 14 visit to Karachi Cotton Association, he will have a number of large shareholders on his views on the situation of cotton at the same time, he will also visit Pakistan textile factory-wide association (APTMA).

He said that the short-term measures can improve the yield of cotton in Pakistan, the Pakistan high-level bureaucracy caused by a very bad impact on the Government’s main national interests of the lack of accountability. Dr Forrester said that the government must immediately legislation and licensing, the protection of the interests of multinational corporations, the introduction of the new climate, as well as more responsive to their anti-pest seeds.

He said that the cotton leaf curl virus (CLVC) already existed for thousands of years, standing crops may have a greater impact. It is therefore necessary to introduce more new varieties. He said Pakistan continued efforts of local scientists, the Government should give them the mandate, if the Government can properly use the results of local scientists, Pakistan cotton production will be more help.