Bazhou, Xinjiang Branch of the Agricultural Development Bank official put cotton loan supported by the Enterprise

In recent days, Bazhou, Xinjiang Branch of the Agricultural Development Bank first cotton 120,000,000 yuan loan to support the formal launch of the enterprise.

So far this year, Xinjiang event of did not encounter many years of drought, is located in the main producing areas of southern Xinjiang cotton Bazhou drying up due to the impact of the Tarim River, the cotton-producing regions of the serious water shortage, picking cotton in advance into the period. To this end, the branch of the Agricultural Development Bank Bazhou early deployment plan early, early, in the cotton market well before the relevant corporate credit rating and loan qualification, last year completed more than 10 days ahead of the pre-prepared Working for companies to acquire the cotton has laid a solid foundation.

This year, the Agricultural Development Bank will support the local branch of Bazhou in line with the loan conditions of 36 cotton companies to buy cotton, is expected to invest 3.8 billion loan to buy cotton from last year’s slight increase 3,690,000,000 yuan. At present, other cotton-related enterprises have also stepped up for loans, loans in the near future to complete the work put in, not because of the Agricultural Development Bank of cotton supply of funds and problems.