Decorate your home like the soft carpet

The earliest carpets can be traced back to Siberia in 2500 before the dynasty. The carpet was true in the West, “beautiful”, will benefit from the explorer Marco Polo in the East, he brought back the carpet with elegant design, rich colors, distributed a charming Eastern Qing Yun, from carpet to become Western-style life, an essential element of taste.

Chilled as different from the floor and have a sense of rejection, with a soft carpet of color and strong texture, brings a quiet, comfortable feeling of quality of life. Using sophisticated soft light-colored wool carpet covered the entire bedroom wall carpet and the integration into one, making room for expansion if the soft comfort of the people heart and soul to relax the bedroom, off the day’s hard work and tension.

However, the right to choose a carpet, but needs a cost point of thought. First of all, it is necessary to take into account the different functions of the room; Second, in line with the home decoration style. In addition, the color of the carpet pattern and also let you dazzled.

● According to the different rooms:

At the entrance: the small size of the general laying carpet or mat, people in the door when the eyes, and clean, appropriate choice of convenience, such as chemical fiber carpet cleaning and maintenance.

Living room: If a larger living room space, you can choose thick, wear-resistant carpet. The best area slightly larger than the laying of the following to the sofa, resulting in uniform as a whole. If the small living room, the choice should be size of the table slightly larger than the carpet. They can choose to round blanket.

Bedroom: The bedroom should be warm and comfortable environment, the quality of the carpet is very important. Wool carpets and silk carpets are particular about the quality of life and quality of people’s first choice. If you feel a little carpet shop full of luxury, then you Kuaitan laying in bed, big bed or bedside cabinets, bed blanket on the bed should be on the side of the door, or on both sides of the bed.

Housing for children: Children can choose rooms with a cartoon character design of the carpet. The texture may wish to choose not only easy to clean and non-slip nylon carpet. It will become a children’s park activities so that they can be sat on the floor, any play.

Between the bathroom: small size of the mat and carpet, is also available in the market for sanitary design of the anti-skid rugs, and the overall sanitary facilities.

● home carpet color and pattern choices:

Select the background color of the carpet should be decorated with color coordination. All the color associated with, the room can be a harmonious whole. If the room has decided to other parts of the color, then it should make the color of the carpet with their similar color. If there is a selection of the design of the wallpaper, a sofa or a picture, you can select a color from the color as the carpet.

A wide range of carpet designs, the choice should be coordinated with the decorative style.

General European-style decorative court may choose the “art”, “flowers” such as patterns of carpets, carpet pattern of such complex patterns China and the United States, full of exotic, luxurious and elegant retro furniture echoes; such as Chinese-style rosewood Furniture decoration should be chosen “in Beijing”, “Cai Jing,” the carpet pattern; this type of carpet with flowers and birds painted landscapes, named as Gods of Fortune, and other hi Chinese classical motifs; and modern, fashionable style of the decoration can choose the style is simple and clean or Abstract pattern of the carpet, with some color into the nature of which, the elegant apple green, beige and fresh, plain and simple and reflect. To have a clear-cut lines, with a quiet serene atmosphere, some of the depth of different color combinations, the generous dark-colored, light-colored young, elegant and comfortable.

Sound-absorbing carpets have a better ability to reduce all kinds of noise. Hair fiber is very low thermal conductivity, heat dissipation is not easy. In addition wool carpets can adjust the indoor humidity, dry, with a certain degree of flame-retardant properties. According to the production process, pure wool woven carpet separation, the three non-woven and woven. Handmade carpet prices more expensive, woven of relatively cheap, non-woven carpet is a relatively new variety, with a silencer dust, easy to use and so on.

Carpet fiber, also known as synthetic carpets, many varieties, nylon, acrylic, and other different types. Chemical fiber carpets look and feel similar to wool carpets, wear-resistant and flexible, with anti-pollution, anti-moth-eaten, and other characteristics of the carpet price lower than that of other materials.

Nylon carpet fiber to most carpet, woven with nylon carpet durability, the tensile resistance, the resistance of twists and turns, damage-resistant properties better, cheaper, more suitable shop in the corridors, staircases, living room and so on around the region frequently. Nylon carpet vulnerable to static electricity and heat, combustible and easy to pollution.

Warm and prompt

The entire surface of the carpet and the small sample does not look the same, so the selection of carpets over time as much as possible is the best way to pick the largest sample carpet shop on the ground, you feel.

Pure wool carpets hand-General should be noted that the choice of whether or not the outside tidy, carpet surface is flat and smooth, whether full-shaped flowers, the rules, there is no cut-off color (that is, the same color, no color).

General working families or family wedding, the more economical choice of pure wool carpet or plastic woven back Kuaitan; and higher-income families may be one step, select Manual wool carpets, Si Tan, and other high-end carpets, plastic back to life The carpet several times