Three small tips teach you the correct choice for home carpet

1. In accordance with space


If a larger living room space, you can select thick wear-resistant carpets. Area slightly larger than the best laid below the sofa, causing the overall effect of a uniform. If the small living room should select an area slightly larger than the coffee table carpets. Display to remind: the bedroom warm and comfortable environment desirable, wool carpets and silk carpets to become the first choice. On the one hand, you can select full carpets, at the same time with a cloth, leather “package edge” or decorated with tassels to modification; On the other hand, if they feel a little luxury blanket over Shop, then at the door on the side of bed, or bed placed on both sides of the carpet.


2. Hue overall pursuit of harmony


According to the Federal Po Tat designer carpet introduction, the current classical-style red carpet and have a modern style while more are beige carpet. Increase the sense of space light-colored, so the room looks spacious, so that interior quiet, elegant; dark and warm room will seem more comfortable and cozy, magnificent. With a reminder: the color of the furniture and carpet color should be coordinated, such as the use of the same color can be as much as possible in order to avoid too much visual clutter; the other hand, if a larger space, carpet patterns can be a little crowded.


3. Environmental protection functions of supreme carpet


Many varieties of chemical fiber carpets, have nylon, acrylic and other different types. Chemical fiber carpet look and feel similar to wool carpets, wear-resistant and flexible, with anti-fouling, anti-moth-eaten, etc., and cleaning convenience, price lower than that of other materials carpet. In addition, the concept also appears in green in the carpet. The use of reminder: After a special treatment process, the wool carpet with anti-static ability, but will also absorb toxic gases, such as methane, carbon dioxide. Coconut Ma Qiong Ma used carpet or woven from coconut fiber, with the balance and humidity, and maintain dry interior features, practical value and health care functions are very high, suitable for summer use.