U.S. financial crisis India’s textile industry exports

The United States of sub-loan crisis caused by global market turmoil. Because the United States is the world’s largest textile and apparel importing countries, the United States face financial crisis will be even greater. European markets also may be subject to U.S. crisis.

India’s textile industry exports will be a lasting impact. According to the Indian textile industry ,2008-09-to-date assessment of the Indian textile and garment exports expected to reach 24,600,000,000 U.S. dollars over the previous year 20,500,000,000 U.S. dollars increased by 20% this year, far below the government set the goal of exporting 31,170,000,000 U.S. dollars.

The financial crisis in India will have a negative impact on the textile industry. If the United States and the European economy into a period of time in a very depressed state, its real effect will be felt in these countries consumer spending will be adversely affected. As a result, not only India’s demand for textile products will be reduced at the same time, the textile industry will be facing price pressure.

The Indian textile industry, the United States and Europe are two different markets. The United States is India’s largest export market, Europe is India’s textile export market of higher prices, however, Europe needs a higher quality product. However, India’s exports to Europe and the United States can not be compared. As a result, Indian companies can not be ignored in the United States and the European market. In order to fill the production and use, India’s textile industry must seize the large-scale exports to the United States.

Textile market can not avoid global business cycle. The global economic downturn in the world textile market by the impact of slowing consumption. The entire textile industry is facing price pressure. Textile manufacturing sector also feel the pressure, they began to move into production facilities from Europe to emerging economies such as Asia.