(11.05) ICE Futures Exchange U.S. cotton futures fell close

 Wednesday (11.05) ICE Futures Exchange U.S. cotton futures closed slump, the economy continued instability in the clouds disperse, investors fled the market or look out, commodities and stock market fell, cotton also escape.

Analysts expected cotton futures will continue to work with the external side of the market competition between profit, while waiting for Friday December cotton futures options expired. December contract was down 201 points at 44.31 cents per pound reported, the March contract was down 224 points at 48.63 cents per pound reported.

Tuesday the U.S. presidential election, the market heating up, but Wednesday December contract opened slightly lower. December contract fell in early trading, and then to Chonggao intraday high of 46.57 cents. The stock market and commodity markets sink on the periphery constitutes a negative impact on cotton, cotton and the market down under. City, the December contract fell to intraday low of 44.20 cents, to restore a small amount of losses before the close, but still lost part of the week’s gains.

Analysts said the market is back, we must observe the economic trends. The general election on the day the market up is normal, but now the focus of the U.S. government to the market in the observation of how to stimulate the economy. Most of the cotton futures market, investors do speculative sell-off.

Now there is market panic. Unstable trading environment, and there is no sign of slowing, investors exit the business. December options expired Friday, may be exacerbated market volatility. Tuesday, ICE cotton on 12,688 reduction in inventories (480 pounds) package, to total 1,046,000 packets, 2,335 packets stock to be registered, 9770 withdrawal card stock packages.

Report of the Stock Exchange, Tuesday, ICE cotton to reduce the amount of disk space 427 hand in hand to total 169,015. Cotton futures traded about 12,840 hands. Options trading, the call about 1916 hands, put about 1025 hands.