11.18) ICE Futures Exchange U.S. cotton closed up slightly

Tuesday (11.18) ICE Futures Exchange U.S. cotton closed up slightly, after investors continue to show Contract, and in the first days notice prior to the adjustment of positions, as the oversold market, prices rebounded. December contract rose 2 points, to 39.39 cents a pound reported, in March contract rose 22 o’clock, at 41.84 cents per pound reported.

Wall Street had a moderate to strong support for cotton and at the same time, the market extremely oversold technology to stimulate buying. However, the city lowered the stock market, crude oil fell, cotton or inhibited. Chicago Futures Exchange grain trading venues have fallen, leading to increase in popularity short cotton market. Thursday December contract was the first notice day, investors continue to adjust its position and the post-show contract.

As of Sunday, the U.S. cotton harvest 64% complete, 54% higher than last week, but lower than the same period of last year’s 74%. Texas completed 40%, 26% higher than last week, but less than 57% over the same period last year. Oklahoma completed 44% higher than last week’s 40%. Analysts said Delta’s cotton picking near the end, there southwestern states of Texas and progress is lagging behind 1-2 weeks.

To Nov. 14 until the week, the long and short speculators to reduce their net short position of cotton fundamental change. 3951 to reduce the speculative long position in hand, the hand-3912 to reduce the short position, net short hand for 9987, or 7.1 percent, compared with 9948 last week to hand, or 6.3 percent. As of Monday, the registration of 3790 to reduce the inventory of cotton (500 pounds) package, to 964,946 the total package. The U.S. Department of Agriculture said the stock to be registered 2,134 package.

1775 to reduce the amount of disk space to total 138,870 hand in hand in December to reduce 3195, but 1206 started to increase in March, an increase of 108 hands in May, an increase of 150 hand-July. December disk space capacity of 16,506 hands. Investors need a day to reduce the 3000-4000 contract in hand, the amount of disk space can hand down to 3000-5000, usually, this disk space will enter the settlement. Cotton futures traded about 16,502 hand in hand call about 3205, put about 2048 hands.