(12.01) Sheng chemical fiber market price differential fiber Comments

Cation of differentiation differentiation wires of the market stable. From the look at the trend of market prices, FDY50D/24F, 66D/24F market price of 12,300 yuan / ton and 10,200 yuan / ton. At present, the upper reaches of CDP slice of raw materials prices stable, and now the lower overall demand in general, the market outlook is expected to cation silk market as a whole will be mainly stable. T / T weak sales of composite wire, polyester / polyester composite wire (DT-led + POY) 100 * 100 and (DT-led + POY) 100 +50 bid for 8500 yuan / ton and 9200 yuan / ton. At present, spinning factory production and sales changed little, so in the near future T / polyester composite wire prices will be adjusted. An island composite wire prices stable. DTY105D/36F * 37 market price for the island of 21,000 yuan / ton or so, the market changed little from product sales. Therefore, composite wire islands in the near future is expected to market-based or consolidation. T / Kam composite wire weaker market. From the market price to see, DTY160D/72F × 16 in today’s market price 17,400 yuan / ton. No hot spots downstream of its products, sales are mainly small amount. So in the near future is expected to T / Kam composite wire market will be weak.