(12.04) ICE Futures Exchange the United States Cotton Exchange to close at limit provided for in

Thursday (12.04) ICE Futures Exchange the United States Cotton Exchange to close at the limit line requirement, the market felt the transfer market, the external pressure. The most active March contract was down 300 points at 43.60 cents per pound has been reported, there is no vitality in recent months, the December contract was down 344 points at 41.66 cents per pound reported.

The stock market is down led to the cotton market and the decline in most commodity markets of the main reasons, including the Chicago Futures Exchange grain, crude oil and gold. November retail sales to reduce the overall weak market. Fund liquidation, weak export sales also put pressure on the cotton market.

Analysts said today’s market-opening, the market has no will to do more, selling a little bit, the price was Qiaoxia Qu. In recent months, in December contract downbeat unrestricted. Analysts said that cotton will be presented in December sideways trend downward. March contract in the 44.45 cents to find some texture into, but may be typical slow during the month of December fell 40 points at the bottom. After Christmas, cotton, and can not deal with a big bang.

Dollar slightly stronger, electronic deals, most of the weakness in commodities. Grain Futures Exchange fell overnight in Chicago, ICE 12 on non-cotton Jiaoge Dan, a total of 6930 delivery notice. Chinese cotton futures in Zhengzhou Futures Exchange Thursday to close at Line.