(12.13) all over the market price of yarn prices Comments

Recently, the yarn around the domestic market, cotton yarn-wide, one of Chun Disha or cotton prices are gradually stabilizing, although sales are still not optimistic, but increasing price stability.

At present, cotton prices have picked up momentum bottom, but all-cotton sales difficult, difficult capital returns, so all-cotton yarn market in the current market situation has improved under the order is not an easy task.

People in the cotton market is currently more by the upper reaches of the impact of raw material prices decline, as the market continued to slump viscose staple fiber, cotton yarn prices were more difficult, people are expected shortly after cotton prices have Yindie.

Although international oil prices continue to drop, but the polyester raw materials as a result of tight supply and rising out of the market, polyester staple fiber market atmosphere can also, the market is expected to polyester staple fiber in the near future will be to maintain the deadlock, this situation, pure Polyester yarn prices will be no major fluctuations.

Xiao Shao market for the weak market sentiment in the doldrums, the industry’s unstable state of mind, the price change was not obvious, 16s market was quoted at 10,800 yuan / ton, 21s market was quoted at 10,900 yuan / ton, 32s reported 11,700 yuan / ton, 45s reported 12,900 yuan / T, 50s reported 13,600 yuan / ton, 55S reported 14,700 yuan / ton, small chemical fiber 16s reported 9600 yuan / ton, 21s reported 9700 yuan / ton (with votes), 32s reported 10,100 yuan / ton.

Another mainstream market Shengze market stability, the actual closing time more than 100 yuan / ton or so to allow the price, sales 21S well, 21s market was quoted at 11,900 yuan / ton, 32s reported 12,100 yuan / ton, 45s to 13,400 yuan / T, 50s to 14,500 yuan / ton, 60s to 15,300 yuan / ton.

Shandong gradually stable market, prices changed little, small volume, small-21S, 23S, compared with Dahua 32S-selling, reducing demand for polyester-cotton, 21s reported 11,200 yuan / ton, 32s reported 12,450 yuan / ton, 45s reported 13,600 Yuan / ton, 50s reported 14,200 yuan / ton, 40s pure polyester Gusha reported 15,600 yuan / ton, 32s polyester-cotton 80/20 reported 14,500 yuan / ton, 21s polyester-cotton 65/35 reported 14,500 yuan / ton (with), 65/35 polyester-cotton 45s reported 15,600 yuan / ton, small chemical fiber production 21S reported 9900 yuan / ton.

South China yarn market has been slightly improved, 32s Chun Disha mainstream offer for 11,600 yuan / ton, the lower reaches of corporate Kaiji Shuai low trading volume down.