2008 China’s import and export growth rate reached 17.8%

Cotton (11765, -40.00, -0.34%,) (basic): Despite the growth rate of China’s import and export in 2008 reached 17.8 percent, but the growth rate in 2007 compared to 23.5 percent, down nearly 6% in 2008 November and December, China’s imports and exports fell 9% and 11.1%, which is in July 2001 since the first time since a negative growth for two consecutive months, to that end, the Ministry of Commerce indicated that he did not rule out further raising the export tax rebate and other means to promote exports ; currently spinning rate Spring Festival holiday, it is expected that orders will continue to face postganglionic reduced profit compression problem, which is expected to support the state will take further measures to stabilize the market, years ago, will remain vulnerable pattern. (Technical): the overall commodity prices by promoting, NYBOT Cotton closed higher Friday concussion. Continuation of last week, Mr Cotton interval concussion trend over the previous week the price dropped 1.22 percent, and market trend of shrinking by weakness in the spot market, futures prices rebounded upward momentum is weak enough to remain range of short-term shocks. (Operation recommendations): short-term bearish participation.