2008 textile enterprises increased profits for the first time negative

The eastern region and cotton, silk industry, a negative growth of investment efficiency of the sector registered a negative growth, corporate profits appear negative growth for the first time the number of enterprises engaged first negative growth rate.

In 2008 the operation of the textile industry of the statistical data is surfaced, a number of data a “negative growth” shocking display of people. From the China National Textile Industry Council Statistics Center has just completed part of the statistical report that, in 2008 China’s textile industry a number of “negative growth” data 1-November, industrial investment fell to a low over the years, the eastern region -2 investments .27% of negative growth, including cotton, silk industry, the scale of investment in the negative range over the textile industry totaled 104.2 billion yuan of profits, the growth rate of -1.77% for the serious decline in corporate profits, and even for the first time since 2003 showed a negative growth of more clear that industry-wide reduction in employment 135,600 people, a negative growth, and growth rate of -1.24%.

In addition a number of data, although maintained a growth momentum, but in 2007 a marked decline in the same period last year: the majority of production growth type products have fallen sharply, and chemical fiber, yarn, cloth, clothing only to maintain a growth rate of output growth in the number of 14. 33 percent, down 8.2 percentage point growth in sales output value of 14.64 percent, a percentage point decline in 7061 the export side, the total amount of 7.82 percent year-on-year growth, but growth rate dropped by 12.25 percentage points on exports to the United States 24.959 billion U.S. dollars , increased by only 1.47 percent year-on-year growth rate fell 18.48 points consumption, needle textile and clothing products sales growth rate were lower than the total volume of retail sales growth, including growth in clothing sales fell 3.95 percentage points, product prices than the growth rate fell 7.3 percentage points last year.

Is more noteworthy is that in 2008 January to November, China’s textile industry amounted to a loss of 22.75 billion yuan, an increase of 99.85 percent. Industries, chemical fiber and textile machinery enterprises the most serious losses were up 282.59 percent and 221.56 percent.

But on the other hand, the textile industry last year, there were some positive changes: In terms of investment, investment in central and western regions significantly speed, respectively 32.60 percent and 31.99 percent, showing the transfer of investments to the Midwest the good momentum in exports regard, the textile performance marked the “resilience” and the export value of 64.513 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 16.83%, especially exports to the EU market “thriving”, 37.74 percentage points increase the growth rate in consumption, domestic sales further improve the ratio of output value reached 2.367941 trillion yuan, accounting for sales output value of 76.74 percent, 1.93 percentage points increase the proportion, in which clothing retail sales growth, an increase of 25.40 percent.