2009/2010 yarn color theme of the six major

One theme of eco-emotion

Yearn for a peaceful, stable and comfortable living environment, efficient use can be close to the green, with innovative ideas to conserve energy and wisdom to use the design to reflect the daily lives of all goods and long-lasting quality, and into industrial and energy-saving Re-creation.

Color: clean air light of the combination of color, texture appears to be a basic sense of it is not unusual, rich apricot and green glass in shallow water, the beige Elm peace and the light yellow, and Zong Hong Hui Lan, a clean, and the fashion temperature .

Second, the theme of the Southern soul

The theme for a beautiful expression of the original aspiration of the ecological environment. For the southern region rich in natural association, across the line of sight over the rough low shrubs, open-ended rock, wet and dry tropical climate gave birth to the land of boundless vitality. Unlimited nature of the material to become the modern science of dreams to be the driving force in the ecological environment.

Tone: a number of low-key neutral color was bright yellow maple decorative, warm and cold transfer the same percentage of contrast, creating a natural and matt, the feeling of fullness.

Third, the theme of caring

Pleasure, full of love; naturally soft, comfortable stretch, soft and delicate. Happy as a means to survival to infiltrate our lives every bit of a happy frame of mind to become part of our daily lives.

Color: bright color here appears to be less strong stimulus, and with the delicate balance of the difference, with a few shiny, changes in the red, texture and color of caramel, warm, non-transparent.

Fourth, the theme of Winter Garden

The Winter Garden, misty, quiet and charm of the plant itself is in the mood to be attracted by sublimation. If the mirror image as Refractive sensitive to the emotional heart, simple, independent, life will be displayed in clear air the next. Color: fuzzy, low-key color groups, close texture. Olive, gray birch, blue oil. Several dark color and light sierozem blue and lime contrast beige, gray tune in the show the atmosphere of luxury.

Five theme of sharing

Sharing, the establishment of friendly relations and integration, globalization will be the world’s cultural life of our city to promote the true sense of diversity, at the same time to achieve harmony between man and nature.

Color: with a few cover, beautiful color and luster of alternating warm, precious, magical. In green, purple to ear, Zonghong rust, blue and copper color, pencil Xinhui, indigo, turmeric shallow gloss gives a subtle feeling fine.

Unique theme of the six tribes

Naturally it strange feeling, full of discovery’s Minds for the promotion of the natural pursuit of bionics to create a new technology without a sense of aesthetic standards, the use of renewable natural materials to the performance, with more emphasis on the purely functional and simple U.S. to a new interpretation of luxury.

Color: turquoise, the color-ri, rose red, blue and purple, Qianzi. Original, simple neutral color but slightly nostalgic joy of color groups, clear and simple.