2010 polylactic acid fiber raw materials production will reach 20,000 tons

Nature Works, said recently that by 2010 the PLA fiber raw materials production will reach 20,000 tons, more than double now. Nature Works is responsible for Japanese companies that, due to strong Japanese sense of environmental protection, combined with the chemical fiber production technology, polylactic acid fiber in Japan have broad market prospects.

Nature Works is a U.S. biotechnology company engaged in the production of polymers businesses. In 2007, Japan’s Teijin to buy the stock, began working in the production of polylactic acid fiber. At present, the world engaged in the commercialization of polylactic acid fiber produced by the company only. The company’s claim has an annual output of 140,000 tons of production capacity, but generally agreed that the industry production capacity is only 70,000 tons or so. Due to Japan’s participation in the future Japan will be the polylactic acid fiber important markets, is expected to total sales of 15-20 percent.

PLA fibers are mainly used for non-woven, as a result do not need staining may develop in the future more uses, such as wrapping paper, packaging materials, agricultural, household appliances, automobiles and so on. At present, the PLA has fiber in the production of clothing apparel such as shirts, bags and so on. Japan is following the Nature Works to set up overseas in Europe after the second branch, the headquarters said: “Japan has a relatively advanced synthetic fiber production technology, but also has a large number of patents. To set up branch offices in Japan, will help to expand Nature Works, rapidly rising PLA fiber production capacity. “In order to facilitate the use of small and medium-sized customers, Nature Works plans to carry out Japan’s raw materials warehouse business.