A “filament matt satin” has become a bright spot

Recently, Jiaxing in Zhejiang Province Wang Jing southern market town of a “filament matt satin,” with its soft, non-wrinkling, hanging and elegant, air and Relax, Wumart inexpensive price advantage, and so on to become bright spots.

The polyester fabric to Quan Xiaoguang FDY66D * DTY75 silk as raw material, 213 * 94 specifications, and Water Jet Loom Satin processing technology from the organization. So that the cloth impeccable, it is no wonder that love at first sight. Oil for the width 160cm, Mick weight per 160 grams or so, the market is the wholesale price of finished 6.20 yuan / m, rich color, especially in Orange, white, TANSEI, Mei Hong, blue, dark gray, beige color, etc. The most popular. The fabric is not only a nightgown production, the actors clothes and etiquette of the equipment ideal material benefits, but also clothing and accessories trimmed works of art fabrics, the use of other fabrics widely yet. If made of good quality section of the clothing on behind not only brilliant and unique charm, style and fashion shows.