A new type of spinning process for the textile industry brought great change

Pakistan Cotton Mill Association (PCGA) revealed as of Sept. 15 national cotton production figures and the reality. Based on these statistics, as of September 15, Pakistan’s cotton output reached 1,430,147 packets than the same period last year, higher than the 1,020,817 packets of 409,330 packets, the private news channel reported.

In Punjab province produced 796,786 bales of cotton last year’s number of 39.3266 million package of 403,520 packets. In Sindh, the production of 63.3361 million bales, more than 619,551 packets of the same period last year, more than 13,810 out of the bag. Pakistan Cotton Mill Association, said Akram, Pakistan ginning from the Association in October 2008 in the first week of release to reach the cotton ginning plant number. However, due to insect attack powder and irrigation water will not impact on cotton crops have been seriously affected. Pakistan’s cotton output is expected to reach 12,000,000 package, the Government’s objective is to package 14,100,000.