Advantages of regional distribution of cotton Planning (2008-2015)

   China’s cotton production, consumption and importing as well as textile and apparel export countries. China’s cotton production for the protection of cotton supply, and support the development of the textile industry and increase their income, and promote healthy and coordinated development of national significance. In recent years, the textile industry developed rapidly, the demand continued to grow cotton, while cotton, the development of arable land and labor resource constraints become increasingly serious. In order to meet the new situation, the effective stability of cotton production, the protection of cotton supply, increase their income, in summing up the experiences of the last round of planning based on the enactment of this planning.

First, the development of the status quo

“Cotton advantages of regional development planning (2003-2007)” Since the implementation of the country to further increase the advantages of regional construction investment, the agricultural sector at all levels to strengthen the production of guidance and IT services, local governments using tax, land and other preferential policies, guide the textile processing enterprises to the advantages of regional metastasis, cotton belt construction industries achieved remarkable results.

(1) Main results

1. The production of more focused layout. 2005-2007 period, the three major cotton-growing areas the country’s total cotton planting area of 99.85% over 2002 by 0.25 percentage points, mainly in Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Anhui, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi , new, Gansu and other provinces, autonomous regions, 13. More than 10 million mu (the Corps for more than 5 million mu) of the total county area ratio of 80.9%. Of these, 10 million mu in Hebei Province over the county area ratio reached 87.5 percent, compared to 2002 increased by 9.5 percentage points, forming a Jizhong Basin South Heilonggang advantage of the region; Shandong Province more than 10 million mu county area ratio reached 91.8% than in 2002 improve 6.8 percentage points, the formation of the Southwest, Northwest and three major advantages Lubeidongzao region; Xinjiang more than 10 million mu (including the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps of more than 5 million mu Farms) county area of 85.7%, improve in 2002 than 9.7 percentage points, the formation of the Central Tarim Basin in southern Xinjiang oasis hinterland advantage of regional and northern foothills of Tianshan piedmont alluvial plains of the northern edge region.

2. Production capacity increased dramatically. 2003-2007, China’s cotton, the average plant size, yield, total output, respectively, for 8282 mu, 77 kg / mu, 6.41 million tons, than the “planning” the implementation of the first three years (2000-2002, the same below) increased by 1459 mu, 5.5 kg / mu, 1.55 million tons, an increase of 21.4%, respectively, 7.7%, 31.8%. Among them, the Xinjiang 2003-2007 cotton plant area of 2046 hectares on average, yield 108 kilograms / mu, total output 2,240,000 tons, than the “planning” before the implementation of a three-year growth of 32.6% and 13.4%, 52.7%.

3. Fiber quality significantly improved. According to the Ministry of Agriculture cotton quality supervision, inspection and testing centers for high-quality cotton base in the county Varieties Detect Fiber Quality, 2004-2007 fiber length, strength, spinning evenness index, respectively, than the “planning” pre-release an average of 2001-2002 0.2mm, 0.4cN/tex, 0.8. In addition, China has bred a number of fiber length in 30mm and above, fracture strength in more than 31cN/tex long-staple cotton land in the new flower varieties, and more than 200 million mu of demonstration and extension, so that the quality of the structure of China’s cotton Gossypium hirsutum Medium long-staple, in velvet, in the proportion of short fiber cotton from “planning” pre-release 1:95:4 adjust to 2:93:5.

4. Continuously extend the industrial chain. With the industrial concentration and improve the quality of cotton, cotton processing and textile enterprises are starting advantage in cotton production base in the region set up, in accordance with the “enterprise + base + farmers” or “enterprise + Professional Cooperation Organization + farmers”, etc., to carry out orders production, continued to extend the industrial chain. Anhui Huamao Group production methods in accordance with the orders, with the exception of set up in Anhui Province cotton production base, but also to Dafeng City in Jiangsu Province, East Units County Joint cotton processing enterprises, set up outside the large-scale cotton production base.

5. Economic efficiency improved significantly. 2007 cotton output 1200 billion yuan, 51 billion yuan to increase in 2002, an increase of 86.4%. According to the National Development and Reform Commission statistics, 2003-2007 cash receipts of cotton per acre average for 802 yuan / mu, than the “planning” before the implementation of 3-year average increase of 283 yuan / mu, an increase of 54.5%.