Afghan carpet exports in 2008 fell sharply

According to “Afghanistan Times” reported that Afghan officials in the Export Promotion Bureau in accordance with Ahmat Zarif, told the media that the first three quarters of fiscal 2008 (April 2008 -12 months) the Arab-Israeli carpet exports 108 million U.S. dollars, representing a year on the same period of 170 million U.S. dollars fell 65%.


Ahmat Zarif said in accordance with, even though the Export Promotion Bureau to promote the Arab-Israeli carpet exports in the inside and outside the organization and participated in several international exhibitions, but the effect was not obvious, most of the Arab-Israeli carpet to paste Pakistan trademarks of exports, the currency against the U.S. dollar last year, Pakistan appeared substantial depreciation of equal indirectly affected by the financial crisis.


Ah carpet manufacturers and traders of carpet exports dropped showing dissatisfaction, calling the Albanian government to take measures to assist the expansion of carpet exports in order to enhance the national economy.