Aksu Prefecture, Xinjiang in October cottonseed prices drop slightly

According to Aksu Prefecture in Xinjiang Development and Reform Commission, “Aksu in October to monitor the market price analysis” showed that the area of cotton in October, a slight decline in the price of cottonseed. Awat County, according to prices provided by the monitoring data, Xirong Mian (three 28mm) price of 11.00 yuan / kg, 15% year-on-year decline; Xirong Mian (II 29mm) price of 12.00 yuan / kg, 13% year-on-year decline; Long-staple cotton (a 37mm) price of 16.00 yuan / kg, 20% year-on-year decline; cottonseed (middle) price 1.50 yuan / kg, up 17%. Mainly due to price changes this year, domestic exports of textiles, cotton spinning industry on the decline in demand, the shortage of liquidity, with cotton textile enterprises is often used with the purchase with no reserves of raw materials, the spot market are facing more pressure, Cotton sales plight seriously restricted the development of cotton in Xinjiang is a region of cotton prices decreased one of the main reasons.