All-silk products in international markets have a greater contraction

All-silk products for sale in the international market by the financial turmoil, the greater the shrinkage. But the silk is woven silk and the line should be shipped, increased trading volume. As the silk yarn used to reduce the proportion of the volume, it reduces the cost per meter of Gongjiao income is generally 10 or more, far greater than the whole variety of silk, it widened profit margins.

Look at the shape of different styles, such as the silk denim. : Silk denim line, woven silk denim series, blended silk denim series, elastic silk denim line, and other products. Raw silk of taking performance has been well known around the world, the undisputed, the oldest of raw materials used to weave denim, has a unique feel of the results, effectiveness and the appearance of taking effect of their performance and style is cotton, chemical fiber and other textile materials Can not be replaced.

Silk-cotton mixed with one side of the plain knitted silk. The knitted fabric was woven using dry method, in the weft crane, the two types of silk and cotton fibers through the process lines and equipment to improve and knitting needle into a single plain silk knit organization. The silk is divided into two varieties: silk / cotton knit single plain silk and cotton / silk-sided plain silk knit has mercerizing is a full, complete coverage of the silk surface, the other side is clear Nassarius Cotton Han Bu organizations. The silk and silk cotton structure, contraction, the overall soft fabric feel fine thin, smooth and comfortable, breathable moisture absorption, is a skin maintenance of high-grade fabric.

Soybean fiber used to replace part of the silk fiber silk manufacturers, has achieved good results. This multi-fiber components of the new variety has managed to maintain the silk’s quality and style, but also reduced the prices of raw materials for the silk industry, the upgrading and updating of the short break.

At present, the soybean protein fiber woven silk products as follows:

First, soybean spinning silk: silk used to, the zonal use soybean fiber, using plain, matched with appropriate density latitude. This design-surface very delicate fabrics and shiny, silk has managed to maintain the comfort features, increased friction fabric fibers so that the fabric is not easy slippage, clothing made from fabrics, soft-feel, quite appropriate, Give a noble and elegant visual effects.

Second, soy silk satin: The product is mainly used to produce silk pajamas and high-end home textiles bedding, product quality selection of excellent raw material for silk warp and use of soybean fiber latitude for the use satin 5 With further justified by the Wei-density, so that the silk fabrics and careful shiny surface, the fabric surface, as was the basic silk style, and Wei while soybean fiber-based surface. As the mulberry silk and the rate of moisture absorption of soybean fiber, the product can be processed by the stain of a special two-color effect. Products can also be like a satin-type fabrics like satin use of revenue stamps made of pajamas or bedding, has managed to maintain the characteristics of silk satin, an increase of fabric anti-slippage. In addition, due to the flexibility of soybean fiber, fluffy, warm and good, it’s pajamas made of silk cashmere fabric with a soft, comfortable feel.

Third, soy silk jacquard silk: the fabric for women shirt, skirt, dress and high-end decoration. By the use of silk fabric, soybean fiber to zonal jacquard loom weaving. The species to 5 by side to make a satin weave, fake flowers yarn for the organization’s core, stem and flower stem is used by 8 satin, spent part of the shadow of the limited use of twill, plain or satin weave Wei-face design Methods. Soybean fiber with different color effects of smoking, its luster can fully reflect the sense of three-dimensional level and sense of fabric to make clear paths, Yongronghuagui.

So far this year, net sales of silk products in the market remains flat. With cotton, Ma and other innocent non-woven fiber fabrics, clothing more and more popular, such as cotton woven cotton patterns of its li QIAO, Taff cotton, cotton crepe, and other heavy Qiaoxiao European countries and Japan; The combination of polyester filament yarn spinning polyester as a result of brilliant, smooth feel, comfort and distinctive. In the knitting yarn, knitting machine products, silk products, the entire market share has been less and less, but Polyurethane with silk, cashmere and silk and spandex, silk and viscose woven products, such as accounting for certain advantages. To Ma, who silk, silk Fiber three combinations, and various characteristics of the fibers to the general printing process so that it has the effect of yarn-dyed, after the release of their customer orders.

I believe that such products will contain huge business opportunities. Before becoming a fiber, extracted from soybean protein and polymer as the raw material used to deal with high-tech biological engineering, from wet spinning. This single-wire, small size, light weight, high strength and elongation, the acid-alkali-resistant and strong, good moisture absorption wet lead. A cashmere-like soft touch, soft silk-like luster, the cotton warm and good-Qin Fu, and other fine performance, there are obvious inhibitory function, known as “the new century, the health of the fiber and comfortable.”

Soybean fiber interwoven with silk or fabric made of spun silk blend, while maintaining Liangze silk, elegant features, but also to improve its drape, eliminate moisture and perspiration after characteristic of the patch, is the production of pajamas, Shirt, evening dress, and other high-end apparel fabrics ideal.