Anhui cotton market situation it is difficult to reverse the overall loss

Supply and marketing cooperatives in Anhui Province Association, Anhui Price Monitoring Center released information indicating that benefited from the country’s cotton reserves reserves and greater efforts devoted to the introduction of good policies, Anhui cotton price has gradually stabilized, but a short period of time the cotton industry as a whole loss-making situation is still difficult to reverse.

Price Monitoring Center of Anhui Province, according to statistics, at present, Anhui’s cotton purchase price basically stable at around 2.3 yuan catty. However, since August last year, Anhui cotton price decline has been more than two-cheng, 328 to buy seed cotton price to 2.27 yuan catty hit the lowest in two years than in August last year, the highest catty 3.02 a decrease of 0.75 million. Said, because the costs are too low for farmers Hard Trading in a Dream, cotton hand, when enterprises are also more cautious because of fear of loss of textile enterprises reduced cotton purchasing volume, these factors have resulted in a short period of time loss of the cotton industry as a whole it is difficult to reverse the situation.