Anhui in the east of the spot price remained stable lint

In order to stabilize the cotton market, the protection of the interests of farmers, the state re-introduced to increase the 150 tons of cotton plan,the price is still 12,600 yuan / ton, and the first time, a minimum purchase price of seed cotton price, affected, Anhui East lint to the spot price remained stable, but turnover remains flat.

It is understood that, as of December 22, the local lint prices basically stable, is three lint prices for 10,550 yuan / ton (with votes, weight, delivery), but turnover remained subdued, mainly because the local textile industry downturn, Yarn prices have fallen substantially, and the transaction does not wang, funds have been serious, together with the nearly year, the textile enterprises are facing loan repayment, interest payment and workers wages, leading textile enterprises unable to procurement, are still taken with the use as a way to buy . According to a local cotton prices strong person in charge said, although the procurement of textile enterprises started to moderate, but in order to avoid risks, the basic only business with existing customers.