Anhui textile business difficult situation

In order to support national health development of the cotton industry, has introduced a new 2,720,000 tons of cotton Shouchu policy, driven by favorable Shouchu, Anhui Province is currently 3 seed cotton at an average purchase price of 2.35 yuan / jin about (38% of lint, water 11%), textile enterprises in the province but the situation is very difficult.

It has been learned. At present, Anhui 15 key textile enterprises, only 4 normal operation, or the rest stop, or limit production. Anhui Province, according to the normal operation of a spinning rate of the procurement minister, subject to the current financial crisis, high-yarn exports more difficult, without the basic benefit at all, businesses can only take the difference fiber routes, such as colored cotton, cotton blends, etc. Or mid-range line of yarn, and more than 90% of business orders for the first production orders for big changes in the demand for cotton. In addition, the official also said that in Anhui Province to do a particular special high-grade yarn business this year because of market pressure to do mid-range yarn, the current enterprise procurement of lint more than 3 to Anhui, Hebei, Shandong, the real estate cotton, the average procurement In the price of 10,800 yuan / tons. He also said that although procurement is relatively easy to level 3 packet of cotton, but with the additional 1,500,000 tons Shouchu Plan, in spring next year after lint or resources will be inadequate, it may be difficult to purchase.