AQSIQ the first time the textiles sector to communicate

one in the industry, the AQSIQ China take the initiative to invite the textiles import and export chambers of commerce as well as the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Commerce relevant parties, the parties yesterday, specifically on the textile and apparel new law seized directory first communication problems.

Caused by the textile and garment sector is a voice of opposition in December 31 last year, AQSIQ issued on the reorientation of “entry-exit inspection and quarantine agencies to implement the entry-exit inspection and quarantine Catalog (2009)” (hereinafter referred to as “Frederick Law Directory” ).

AQSIQ customs Secretary De-Ping Liu said, in fact, the new textile and apparel tariff lines relating to the domestic export enterprises exit supervision is 196 textile coding, and other textile products increased 109 is monitoring the conditions of entry, and the latter for that foreign textile and garment enterprises in terms of passage.

However, China Textile Import & Export Chamber of Commerce Under-Secretary-General yesterday or forward a four-point views and suggestions, including in the current situation of the timing of introduction of this policy is appropriate; repeat testing at home and abroad to increase the burden on enterprises; detect the sources of corruption should be the main products, rather than increase the exports of clothing, such as detection of the largest projects; promulgated policy can seek the views of industry associations, communication, etc. in advance.

Judging from the current situation, the introduction of the policy may be some “hasty”, and “apologize.”

I found at the scene yesterday, the communication broke the deadlock after the two sides. De-Ping Liu said: “The redeployment of the new” Law directory seized “products, AQSIQ will extensively solicit opinions, 6-month transition period, no charge; if all walks of life consider the addition of these laws seized directory does not have the exact conditions, quality Administration will review the basis of full proof, it is possible to remove new law seized directory. “