Today, Bo Sisa Safavi dynasty produced before the hand-woven carpets, and so far only has the integrity to preserve a piece of that is stored in London’s Victoria and Albert Museum “Ardebil carpet.” Legend in 1893 from an unknown British Iran brought back a pair of production in the sixteenth century, hand-woven Persian carpets, for which a complete repair, while a pair of carpet at the expense of another. Now showing at the Museum is the East display room has been restored Ardebil goes hand-woven carpet, 38 feet long (15.59 meters) wide, 18 feet (5.49 meters), is a production in 1539 of large-size wool Cameroon Sang hand-woven carpets, hand-woven carpets this in the carpet beneath the surface texture to produce a person’s name and age of the production. Another for the repair rather than a complete hand-woven carpets in the existing State Museum in Los Angeles.