Argentina restrictions on textile imports from China does not affect the

Argentine Customs General Administration recently issued new regulations that would increase restrictions on textile imports in order to strengthen the protection of national industries. The industry believes that although China’s exports to Argentina very few, but a move of great demonstration effect.

It is understood that Argentina was the Customs and Excise Department announced in mid-October on the part of the imported product “standard price” if the imported products in the Customs and Excise Department will offer lower than the standard investigation. According to the latest provisions in the “standard prices” have been added to the list of types of textile products, including the women’s stockings, socks made of cotton, wool and cotton socks and other products.

Ma industry analysts believe that the new levy analysis, Argentina’s trade restrictions to a certain extent, “not surprising”, China’s textile export services will not be much of the impact of China’s textile exports accounted for only less than one thousandth of the total .