BASF used in carpet backing of styrene-butadiene latex adhesive new

Dalton, Georgia USA news, BASF (BASF) launched Styrofan NX 4628 styrene-butadiene latex products, the product will be used in carpet backing and pre-adhesive coating, and increase the use of recycled materials.

“BASF is committed to consistency for our customers to increase product value.” BASF in North America and dispersion acrylic carpet business manager Bert Templeton said. “This new outstanding properties of latex products help our customers be more easily recycled materials into their carpet products.”

“Carpet manufacturers have been seeking to make their carpet adhesive contain more renewable ingredients.” BASF technical manager in North America carpet Barry Fowler said, “In order to achieve this goal of continuous improvement, more powerful latex products must be able to scattered and stability in the appropriate component. Styrofan NX 4628 latex can be very good all the needs to adapt to this. ”

Styrofan NX 4628 styrene-butadiene latex for carpet manufacturers design, can be industrial waste, waste after use fillers and additives perfect integration into carpet backing system. Alternative Styrofan NX 6690 X use.

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