BASF will be “your partner textile program” as the theme to participate in Expo

BASF will be “your partner textile program” as the theme participate in the Oct. 20-23 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center at the China International Textile fabrics and accessories (autumn) Expo. BASF for the textile industry to provide new solutions involving yarn, raw materials, clothing hanging with the trademark sign, and so on.

In the field of eco-textile products, textile chemicals, BASF Department of display solutions with focus on eco-environmental protection-related aspects of the three, namely: consumer safety, resource conservation and climate protection. The BASF-based textile production measured in the process of the raw data for analysis, which measured carbon footprint. Based on this analysis, partners can use BASF technology and auxiliaries to reduce overall carbon dioxide emissions.

Consumer safety, BASF launched a formaldehyde-free textile production process in order to help textile manufacturers and retailers to carry out “zero-formaldehyde added,” The textile production, enhance product safety and reliability. This is more and more strict limit of formaldehyde content of children’s clothing and baby equipment manufacturers are particularly important.

BASF will also promote the production stage other than the concept of saving resources, that is helping consumers realize that they can contribute to saving resources. For example, durable and easy-care choices through clean technology of the textile finishing, washing and ironing so they can reduce energy consumption.

BASF at the fair will also be posted on innovation can be dyed polypropylene fiber. This fiber represents a unique new dyeing, industrial production standards in the use of disperse dyes for coloring, and can be dyed a variety of bright color effects, to meet the rapidly changing demands of the market.

From 2006 onwards, with BASF China International Textile fabrics and accessories (autumn) Expo this professional platform in the Chinese textile industry with the development of new technologies. Are expected to come from all over the world more than 2,200 companies taking part in the Expo