Benin cotton output will be lower than the forecast has been lowered

Benin cotton quarter of the 2008-09 cotton production will be lower than the forecast has been lowered, which is due to unfavourable weather, a government official said Friday. In 2008-09 cotton season, Benin’s cotton production is estimated more than 310,000 tons, which would exceed last year’s 268,054 tons, but lower than the initial forecast of 500,000 tons and after the forecast 384,000 tons.

Benin is the main cotton-producing West African country of Benin but the latest cotton production is far below the estimated 600,000 tons of capacity. Benin’s cotton farming by high fertilizer prices and the impact of adverse weather. Mali’s cotton production was estimated less than half the previous forecast, Ivory Coast’s cotton output is expected to lower than projected 250,000 tons, the Central African Republic’s cotton output is expected to 1,000 tons lower than last year.

In May this year, Benin President Thomas. Ecclestone. Yayi raise the compulsory purchase price of cotton from 180 CFA francs / kg to 210 CFA francs / kg, which is to move the cotton farming. On Friday, in New York, the benchmark closed cotton quarter reached 64.55 cents / lb in the past 12 months declined by 10 percent. According to the International Cotton Advisory Committee predicted that the world cotton production forecast to 24.7 million tons.