BI Rizal is known as “Iron Persian carpet” known, because not only completed the Rizal beautiful, and most rugged hand-woven carpets. Such is the life of carpets in Iran in the northern town of Rizal completed the weaving of the Kurds. Rizal completed its thick blanket thickness of the surface, solid structure and weight of large and well-known, often mimic other origin, but not successfully completed the Rizal, Rizal completed because the use of unique wetlands weaving technology aircraft. The so-called “wet frame weaving technology” is in the process of weaving through the water so that the knot of wool and latitude lines are kept moist, so that they will shrink for the time being in order to have a very close knit, dry blankets when they become more closely and Solid. With extraordinary durability, Rizal completed the carpet patterns of use patterns in a row.