Cape Merino wool prices continue to fall

Before the arrival of the Christmas holiday weeks, the trading environment remains very difficult, the market will continue to fall, Cape Merino wool prices fell 3.4 percent, to close at 42.64 rand (wool fat). However, the rand against the U.S. dollar last week, 6%, 5% appreciation of the euro, the relatively moderate decline. Although the wool orders continued to decline, but the proportion of satisfactory offer packages 9868, the turnover rate of 93%. The main buyer is Chargeurs Wool (2261 packets); standard wool (Standard Wool 1779 packets); Modiano (1645 package), and Segard Masurel (1543 package). Terry Merino wool prices (AWEX category 4 and 5) the general decline in the relative decline in fine wool in a greater decline in coarse wool. 9500 auction next week about the number of packages.