Carpet high price “rare”

1.25 million! Than the general configuration of a Porsche sports car has a high price, can actually buy a carpet. This high price carpet in Shenyang City in the vicinity of the northbound carriageway of a furniture store display, with the majority of the people is to see “rare” from the heart, and then shook his head away.

This about 15 square meters of carpet was hung on the sales side of the central hall on the wall, next to a “Do not touch valuables,” a small brand. Sales Miss Wang said, “These are the 16th century to imitate a place in the British royal family’s carpet-weaving, and its patterns, colors in the world is unique.” “Ah? This is 1,250,000 I thought it was 12,500. “Friend and together the big mouth open Jing De Gu Yuming,” It’s also too expensive. “Miss Wang said, this carpet is a world-renowned family of carpet design It took nearly 3 years from hand-woven. Selection of material is fine wool, yarn colors are more than 60 kinds of natural pigment-dyed. However, the industry said the size of the same quality of the materials in the carpet market is estimated 250000-400000 between.

Miss Wang explained, “is like an millions at every turn on the tens of millions of paintings, and its value is far greater than the value of the arts.” In other words, this price 1,250,000 carpet 2 / 3 of the money is used to buy ” Artistic value “. Noted that in half an hour, a total of more than a dozen customers come here, but most of the station stops. “A fresh look at it, where it is so expensive us ordinary people can afford, even if the shop has bought no less than ah.” Lee said. Miss Sales said that high price for the carpet rather than the general public, but the top echelon of the city, but so far no one has expressed an intention to buy.