Carpet King of the United States the “Zero” dream

 After 14 years, the United States flying Internet company’s founder led a the world’s largest commercial carpet company’s successful restructuring, the transition from energy-intensive industries to the sustainable development of enterprises Zero and at the same time of tremendous growth in profits. 2007, “Time” as the year of his environmental heroes, a few days ago, he came to Shanghai to this reporter’s interview revealed that Intel’s goal is to fly in 2020 to achieve “Zero.” This is only a global commitment to the public in a particular period of the company to achieve zero emission.
Anderson Federation of a “methane recovery” departments to begin his case, “Zero” story. In the “Internet-fei” (Interface Flor), a carpet factory engineers to work in local government departments, another engineer to call, “Patrick, there is a lack of management Zhendong landfill plant, you know where the number of direct emissions of methane into the atmosphere it? “Patrick replied:” I do not know, it should not be too much. “However, the results of tests conducted after the two people are surprised every day, the sky or the number of alarming gas.

The two began to co-operation, one year after a public-private entity set up. Municipal departments to collect three million U.S. dollars invested methane, transported to nine miles outside the factory. Plant will be 50,000 U.S. dollars funded two boiler into a gas boiler in use, energy-consuming plants only 20% of the total energy consumption, which replace the natural gas methane. Cooperation The two sides also reached consensus on the price of gas per unit energy than natural gas prices by 30%.

The department is now “flying Internet” a carpet factory departments proud, because this sector, and now they can call themselves the production process is “carbon neutral”, and of global warming almost no negative impact. Plant will be marketing the products produced by this known as “Cool Carpet” famous products.

Anderson, “Zero” dream

This “win-win-win” investment project is also “Internet-fei,” Anderson, founder of Carpet Factory of the most talked about success stories. Entrepreneurs used to think that if the company has become the expense of environmental protection must be a profit, and in the concept of Anderson, environmental protection and development can have a combination of compatible points.

Anderson has written a book – “mending their ways: the model of corporate sustainable development”, he completed the company recorded a restructuring process: optimization of production systems; the garbage into renewable energy; adopt new technologies reduce the environmental impact; to optimize the entire product supply chain … … Anderson said that in creating a sustainable business model development process, there may be as surprised epiphany, the idea often comes from the idea of a small innovation and small.

Carpet manufacturer is a traditional big pollution, carpet production-intensive industries are oil consumption during the production process needs a considerable amount of oil derivatives to provide energy and raw materials, chemical fiber, when the carpet to the end of its use, often without any decomposition dealing with waste will be discarded to landfill. However, landfill methane recovery, it changed the idea of such a vicious circle. During the past 14 years, Intel has been reduced by flying in net greenhouse gas emissions nearly 90%. 3 / 5 of the emission reductions from the efficient use of energy, while 2 / 5 from renewable energy sources, as well as greenhouse gases and. In addition a set of data should make the Chinese entrepreneurs have more confidence in achieving environmental protection at the same time, the company’s high-end product sales increased by 63 percent, a substantial increase in profits, stock prices are way higher.

“Not only do the right thing, but also a smart thing to do.” Anderson said. September 11, Cultural and Education Section British Consulate-General in Shanghai, organized by the Office for Intel-fei “Climate Cool” Media Sharon Anderson attended the meeting and made a speech. This is the first time in more than a decade after his first visit to Shanghai. Podium floor windows on the opposite side of a steep mountain close to the picture, Anderson said, “This change is to climb a mountain, only true ‘zero’, is to reach the summit.” He “top” of the date in 2020 – this is only a global commitment to the public in a specific period of time to achieve “zero pollution” of the company.

From the awakening of environmental protection

14 years ago, precisely, is the August 31, 1994, Anderson began to concerned about environmental protection. Anderson was 60 years old, Intel flying carpet, 21-year history of the company. They have encountered some difficulties, there have been questioned: Is your company doing for the environment? In order to answer this question, Anderson flying Internet company has set up a new environmental task force, Anderson was invited to do so at this meeting in a speech. He later recalled that “I was unable to do anything.” Fortunately, he saw Paul Hawken wrote “Commercial ecology,” a book, he said that “discrepancies in the actual pain of a kind of epiphany I.” Paul Hawken’s view is: human life on Earth has begun to decline ecosystems; the chief causes of environmental decline is the manufacturing sector; the face of the earth only large enough, rich enough, influential enough to take the human out of the chaos of the bodies, namely the chaos caused by these institutions themselves – the manufacturing sector. Anderson next ambitious outline for a new company blueprint: the Internet to fly into the world’s first environment-friendly enterprises.

“I was the awakening of those environmental problems.” Anderson said. He refused to drive luxury cars and the Toyota Prius, have a home energy self-sufficiency, also appear in the Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio movie released last year, “the eleventh hour”, this is the After “An Inconvenient Truth” after a famous documentary on climate change, at the same time also the former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev. He was “Time” magazine’s environmental heroes in 2007, and selected entrepreneurs in China Shi Zhengrong. Difference is that the Shi Zhengrong is the promotion of this new type of solar energy, clean energy, and he was engaged in the traditional high-pollution industries, and therefore more easily fly to see Intel
For a low-carbon model of industrialization.

“I am a father of two girls, one boy’s stepfather, grandfather of five children, I am also an entrepreneur – some people might say I am a complete industrial innovators, and I was no different from other entrepreneurs, the same competition for profit. “Anderson said self-introduction. He set up an independent consultancy firm, the issue in the context of sustainable ideas for other companies. He said, “Now, I fly the Internet as the ultimate goal is to prove that their business model for others to establish irrefutable, undeniable example of – not only did not bring about pollution to the earth, but also as far as possible the influence of our for its benefit. “