Carpet layout should be coordinated with the decorative style

A wide range of carpet designs, the choice should be coordinated with the decorative style. General European-style decorative court may choose the “art”, “flowers” such as patterns of carpets, carpet pattern of such complex patterns China and the United States, full of exotic, luxurious and elegant retro furniture echoes; modern Chinese, The fashion style of decoration can choose simple, clean carpets or abstract patterns, with some of nature’s colors into one, the elegant apple green, beige and fresh, plain and simple and reflect. To have a clear-cut lines, with a quiet serene atmosphere, some of the depth of different color combinations, the generous dark-colored, light-colored young, elegant and comfortable.

Sound-absorbing effectiveness and quality choice. Sound-absorbing carpets have a better ability to reduce all kinds of noise. Hair fiber is very low thermal conductivity, heat dissipation is not easy. In addition wool carpets can adjust the indoor humidity, dry, with a certain degree of flame-retardant properties. Handmade carpet prices more expensive, woven of relatively cheap, non-woven carpet is a relatively new variety, with a silencer dust, easy to use and so on. The carpet has become increasingly high-technology, but also a growing number of design and function of the choice of carpet for people to believe that the services will be more thoroughly.