Carpet weaving materials

Hand-woven Oriental rugs use of high-quality natural materials, mainly woven into three basic materials: wool, silk and cotton. These three materials have been used for a variety of combinations. The most common combination of cotton is composed of latitude and longitude lines, is faced wool blanket or silk.

More wool for use by villages and nomads. Taken from the cold in the region are usually better than the warmth of wool wool area. Wool taken into spring and autumn, the Central Asia nation’s spring collection in more than a good-quality wool for carpets, the fall collection of wool blankets made of many. Good quality wool from the well-being of the care, growth in the natural environment is not polluted the cold zone, the sheep grazing on the plateau, which is characterized by flexibility, raising strong, durable. At the same time, the wool is also part of the decision of the quality of wool. To the chest and shoulder as the best wool fiber is also the longest. The highest grade of wool Kolk known as wool, wool Kolk is the spring of Iran’s eight-month-cotton in the western highlands of lamb’s wool in the chest and shoulder, the growth in the high mountain region of sheep, wool feel as strong Swan feathers, smooth as silk and flexible. Kolk wool because of expensive and scarce, so for more than Isfahan, and other high-grade carpet. Kolk regular wool and silk warp with carpet weaving carpets face, silk thread to outline the details of the design.
Just take the wool as containing too much fat and dirty, it must be used for soda water and repeated washing, drying, can be selected, twist into yarn for the production of carpets.
Woven wool carpets needed to line needs to be a root of the wool fibers can be spun together to form. One fibers such as wool on the magnifying glass, you’ll see roses on a post as hard as sawtooth, when the wool fibers together by twist, they saw each other will be caught, so that a good yarn twist of great Intensity. Wool yarn twist, there are two laws: clockwise twist wool into a Z-shaped, S-shaped into a counter-clockwise twist of the yarn. West Asia and Central Asia in general the use of S-shaped twist law.
Wool is the best of our knowledge the oldest one of the preparation of the fiber, the unique characteristics of wool has gone through the test of time. In today’s era of man-made fibers, science and technology can not produce any man with a unique natural properties of wool fibers. The use of wool is not only appropriate than any other fiber can maintain the same color, textiles and common wear and tear, rot, mold, and other natural enemies with extraordinary resistance.

The unique properties of natural wool fiber is the miracle, have the following characteristics:
1. Water resistance: wool to absorb moisture but the exclusion of liquid, non-absorbent.
2. Fire: Wool is a natural fire, while burning, but does not produce or support the flames. Because of its anti-Huoxing, wool carpet is the natural home for decorative fire.
3. Extensibility: Wool fibers have more than any other natural extension of. Dry wool fibers can be stretched by 30% wet wool can be an extension of 60% to 70%, even distorted, stretching the case could prompt restitution.
4. Wear: Wear-resistant wool is not only durable and can keep the shape of a long-term.
5. Fixing: easy to dye wool, wool fibers on the serrated light scattering makes color becomes soft. As the core of the wool fiber protein can absorb dye, wool can be a long time to maintain color and the color dye into the wool.
6. Anti-static: as a result of natural wool from absorbing moisture in the air, not the phenomenon of static electricity.
7. Anti-noise: wool with a wonderful natural sound, it can absorb noise and reduce the noise level at home with a wool carpet is a natural noise barrier.
8. Anti-dust: because the wool to absorb moisture and prevent static electricity does not gather dust in the air to attract, wool fibers on the zigzag through the sheep so that dust can not reach the bottom of the blanket, which features easy-to-clean wool carpet.

Silk is used since ancient times more than the city or the court hand-woven carpet workshops, the highest level of luxury hand-woven silk carpets used as a line of latitude, Iran and Central regions of Qom, the climate is ideal for sericulture and silk quality of its rich luster, fine Soft, smooth, strong toughness and became hand-woven Persian Sitan on behalf of the region. China, as the history of silk production of power, nearly half a century has started to scale into the production of fine quality, exquisite design and meticulous hand-woven silk carpets.
Natural silk protein is a porous fiber from 18 different amino acid ratio and a combination of space, belonging to the natural protein fiber, and its chemical structure and skin of the chemical composition is very similar to human skin without irritating; at the same time , Silk-chain molecules there are a lot of the hydrophilic amino, hydroxyl, and other active groups, with good water absorption, the human body can absorb sweat after the soft, loose fiber transmission channel to the fabric surface and finally distributed into the air . Did not like the sweat synthetic fiber to keep the body between the skin and fabric, resulting in the large population of bacteria.

To natural, high-quality raw materials for silk weaving and hand-woven carpets, with significant advantages as follows:
1. Fibroin structure, soft luster bright, with a pearl-like luster.
2. Feel soft, smooth, thick, rich, excellent flexibility.
3. Have good UV absorption.
4. Silk is a porous fiber, good insulation, ventilation, and moisture absorption properties of the wet powder.