Changde textile industry on how to deal with challenges?

In the current international economic situation under the influence, the city exported a large quantity of the textile industry affected by how much? Changde textile industry on how to deal with? Oct. 21, Party Secretary Wu Jihai, Xu Chao, vice mayor of the text called the backbone of the textile part of the city Enterprises and related departments, to look for a solution of the situation analysis, development planning to tide over the crisis.

Textile industry is an important pillar industry in our city, the sales revenue last year, 4.3 billion this year, the market decline in the textile industry, general economic downturn, the city’s textile industry is still to maintain double-digit growth. The new kit, Jin Yun, Dong-Shin, Grace, Jin Bo, China and Thailand, and other enterprises, the current production and operations are relatively stable, but revenue growth fell efficiency, profits have declined year-on-year. According to the analysis by the international financial turmoil, Europe and the United States market for Chinese textile products, as well as to suppress the growth of labor costs, raw material price increases for a number of reasons such as the impact of the crisis in the textile industry has been hit, the impact on the future will become increasingly obvious , Changde textile enterprises will inevitably have to bear the pressures at present in all businesses is going all out to try to respond positively. Municipal Economic Commission, the City Department of Finance and other departments and major banks have said they would do their utmost to support the textile industry to help ride out the storm, seize the opportunity and challenge greater.

Party Secretary Wu Jihai fully affirmed the textile industry in response to the efforts made by the crisis. He said that textile enterprises were mostly old enterprises, local enterprises, the size of enterprises, Changde industry is a very important pillar industries of the city’s economic and social impact, is facing more and more serious international and domestic situations, the city must actively respond to the full Support to form a concerted effort to help the city hold on the textile industry crisis and do everything possible to survive and grow. He hoped that the textile industry based on its own to step up structural adjustment, technological innovation, product upgrades, to enhance the competitiveness at the same time, strengthening internal management to reduce costs to enhance profitability and strengthen the building of corporate culture to enhance cohesion regard this challenge into an opportunity for development , And usher in greater development.