Changshu Polyester market week (10.17 – 23) Quotes Comments

Changshu Polyester learned from the market, this week, the upstream raw material prices continued to fall, on October 17 Sheng has been spinning large one-day brake or ex-factory price of 1,000 yuan / T, overall prices were down across the board with the situation in the brake down Fell under the market conditions.

From the dynamic display market, DY75D bright silk market trading volume slightly better than the big bright FDY75D, has been learned, DY75D bright silk cloth made in the reduction in the rate of staining of small, popular, and the price trend is also down with the current FDY75D light of its major market centers in the price of 10,300 yuan / T around; DTY (color package)-type wire 100D, 150D is not volume; instead of color BAO DTY silk trading volume increased slightly, mainly the production of downstream fabric printing blank, the product Put down your request to the texture slightly lower production costs, but the trend of price decline are currently DTY (color package)-type wire 100D, 150D in the prices of 11,500 yuan / T, 10500 $ / T; DTY market 150D/96F, 200D96F re-scheduled Silk woven by the lower reaches of Taiyuan Ji families welcome, mainly in the production tube down the remaining few Pisi. FDY in the week barely able to move about varieties have 75D/36F, 150D/96F, mainly to the lower reaches of the demand can be sporadic, but there are实际成交价decline in the prices of the current 10,400 yuan / T, 9600 $ / T or so. Polyester from the current market conditions, Juzhiqiepian contract transaction price is still down market, the manufacturers SPINNING Polyester products remain a huge stock, the lower reaches of the peak season are not cloth City wang, very little foreign trade orders, domestic sales of autumn and winter fabric in general than in previous years, Knitting machine, the Taiyuan Ji Kai Jishuai down Polyester market is still more wait-and-see attitude, so in the near future purchasing power of the market difficult to rebound, some market analysts believe that in the short term the market should not be too optimistic Polyester, Polyester prices Market situation will continue.