Chemical fiber industry-led differentiation run enterprises

Although the chemical fiber sector of the economy this year degrees fell to the bottom, a Haili (002,206) this week announced that the company intended to invest the introduction of production equipment 576,100,000 yuan, bright polyester chip launched major new projects and differentiated silk industry projects.

Chemical fiber industry, mainly due to sluggish demand for the lower reaches of the doldrums, and to accelerate the appreciation of the yuan, rising labor costs, such as multiple factors, more difficult, dragged down most of the chemical fiber product prices continued to fall, the sub-industry level of profitability and profit declined significantly.

So depressed market conditions, Haili dare to launch a new project to expand production capacity? The answer probably lies in the “differentiation.”

Haili was differentiated high-end polyester in the domestic silk industry leader in the industry. Company adhere to the strategy of differentiation, product quality is higher than the domestic industry, prices are higher than the industry average. The company’s focus on product differentiation HMLS silk, silk wear, such as Silk products in China has a strong competitive edge.

The company’s main products of industrial polyester filament mainly used in the production of meridian tires automotive tire cord and seat belt use, the development of the domestic auto industry and lower rates of meridian tires are driving demand for polyester filament of a strong industrial power; differentiation in the polyester industry The silk production in the area, especially in the high modulus low-shrinkage polyester filament production, domestic production and possession of the technology companies, only 9, a high concentration of industry.

The company proposed to buy the industrial polyester filament spinning equipment for the additional differentiate’s silk industry projects. Haili was of the view that the purchase of these assets will help improve the technical level of equipment, further optimize the product mix to speed up the expansion of production capacity has greatly enhanced the competitiveness of the market as a whole. After the implementation of the project can conform to the current differentiation of industrial polyester filament market development needs, increasing differentiation of industrial polyester filament market supply.

In most deep downturn in the industry as a whole, industrial restructuring and differentiate to become the biggest way. Only high-value product differentiation in order to form a competitive brand to create and enhance value-added products and relatively well to avoid the risk of the industry.