China is the world’s leading consumer of chemical fiber and chemical fiber in the future increase in demand will stimulate domestic demand

Investors worried by the world economic recession will seriously affect the consumption of crude oil, as well as U.S. crude oil inventories rose by more than expected, and other factors, international oil prices fell again on the 16th, New York, London oil prices to close at 70 U.S. dollars per barrel under. In a short span of three months, 147 yuan from the high oil price cut. The trend in international oil prices has attracted great attention of many agencies, some agencies have predicted that crude oil markets are not good. The lower oil prices will inevitably have a greater impact on related industries, downstream oil industry will directly benefit from it. Recently, the market-related plate has a good performance, shipping, chemical fiber plates have been strong. Chemical fiber industry is one of the major beneficiaries of the first half of this year chemical fiber Performance of listed companies is not an ideal one very important reason is that oil prices brought about by the continuing rise in the cost of production and related raw materials costs, leading to gross margin decline has a direct impact on Net, so to the chemical fiber industry has a great negative impact. Today, crude oil prices continued so substantial revisions will be listed chemical fiber companies have a substantial positive significant, the company reduced production costs and improve the company’s main business revenue, operating profit increased; as the fall in oil prices could Fiber-related listed companies subject matter of speculation. Today, chemical fiber surface in the plate well there. In fact, chemical fiber plate through a long period of decline, it has a certain degree of investment value, according to media reports, on the 15th People’s Bank of China Governor Zhou Xiaochuan said in an interview that China’s consumption growth and good investment. However, due to the impact of many factors, China may need to further stimulate domestic demand, but at the same time need to consider what measures would be more effective, and China is the world’s leading consumer of chemical fiber and chemical fiber in the future increase in demand will stimulate domestic demand.

In this context, we see through look at the net fiber industry leader Shenma Industry (600,810, it shares) (600,810): The company is a breakdown of the textile industry’s leading enterprises, the first in Asia, the world’s second industrial nylon yarn (Brazzaville) production base, with 100,000 tons of nylon spinning capacity of 66; cord and the company’s production scale and market share in the world after the United States DuPont, with industry leading edge, leading products dipped nylon tire cord 66 nylon and silk industry market share of around 30%; industrial-scale production of silk has been amplified to nearly 90,000, ranking second in the world, a world-class product quality close to the level of 60% of the products are for export. China is a very small number of core competitive advantages of global enterprises. Energy saving and environmental protection themes. Holding company of Pingdingshan Sun’s heat and three limited liability companies, to invest in the construction of waste rock Thermoelectric 2X25MW unit, with low calorific value of waste rock and coal for fuel-use, combined heat and power, energy conservation and improving the environment as one . The provincial economic and trade projects have been identified as “comprehensive utilization of power generation enterprises”, the prospects for the development of environmentally friendly power is broad. Military theme. Co-led the new modified products, including nylon 66 tire cord fabric and engineering, military vehicles with tires, aviation tires, special tires, tires used by high-level support, such as family, our military to occupy a large share of the market. The company produces high-strength fine denier industrial goods special silk products are widely used in military, “Shenzhou VI” manned spacecraft parachute rope umbrella of the main frame materials. The munitions industry profits generally higher in the future potential growth. The company’s net financial point of view as much as 6.14 yuan, the current share price is only about 3.4 yuan, a substantial discount to the holdings of major shareholders to provide the possibility. Also added to the market imagination.