China Textile Science and Technology Innovation Forum held in Beijing

By the China Textile Engineering Society, Jiangsu Xia Corp. spun off green color main sponsor of the “2009 China Textile and Garment Technology Innovation and Sustainable Development Forum and the situation 30 years of industrial upgrading awards ceremony” will be held on January 6, 2009 Held in Beijing. At that time, the Ministry of Information and Industry, China National Textile Industry Council and the leadership of Science and Technology Association, will attend the forum.

According to organizers, “the plight of China’s textile industry transformation and upgrade” is the central topic of this forum. The Forum will be scientific and technological innovation and enhance the contribution of the two main line, around the new materials and processing technology, the traditional textile technology of high-tech transformation, energy saving and environmental protection and eco-textile technology, textile and information technology, and other topics for discussion. Tan will also be held during the “situation in 30 years, propelled China’s textile industry to upgrade the 10 key technologies”, “scientific and technological innovation College Auditorium,” in 2008, as well as colleges and universities, research institutes, business-to-date scientific and technological achievements, and other activities of the release.

China Textile Institute of Science and Technology, National Dong Hwa University, Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology, Tianjin University of Technology, Xi’an University of Engineering, Southern Yangtze University, Zhejiang University of Technology, Beijing University and Suzhou Textile Holding Group Co., Ltd. was co-organized by the Forum.