China this week, the cotton price index rebound

Bounce back quickly this week, 11,300 pre-finishing line sideways platform. Cotton 905 main line of K-week contract closed at 11,290, up 450 yuan last, the last trading volume decreased to reduce the 30,054 positions.

Cotton Monday this week to limit the way back quickly, mainly due to the country once again Shouchu 1,500,000 tons of cotton to stimulate profitable, but the price can not continue to Chonggao, but the price to 11,300 in finishing sideways, and before the platform On an equal footing, so it seems the market has digested this Shouchu the benefit, as the latter part of the price there is no direction, Straddle both sides are unwilling to take the initiative, the market volume decreased significantly, the price stable. Shouchu support from the spot market point of view, the latter prices are less likely to recommend short-term operation, can do more than bargain. Friday the U.S. Senate rejected 14,000,000,000 U.S. dollars rescue car giant’s proposal, which would greatly enhance the atmosphere of next week’s short and long investors should pay attention to.

China this week, the cotton price index rebounded Friday reported that 10,825, and last up to 40.

Warehouse receipts, this week, 480 cotton warehouse receipts, the last 92 by effectively forecast 835.

U.S. cotton this week set back slightly, the dollar index fell to boost commodity prices. NYBOT Cotton March contract Zhou K Line to close at 43.32 cents / pound, up 1.95 cents.