China’s carpet market in the future

 China mechanisms carpet industry began in the mid-1980s to Yamahana group represented by the carpet business in 1985 and the first to introduce Tufting carpet equipment, China has opened up a mechanism to set a precedent for the carpet industry. For more than 20 years, the carpet industry and the mechanism of China’s reform and opening up China simultaneously to achieve the rapid development of the first special of the main expanding the size of the domestic mechanisms for a total of more than 500 carpet sets of equipment, production capacity has grown. In 2005, Chinese carpet mechanism (not including acupuncture carpet) total output of more than 100,000,000 m2, than in 2004, up 20%. Over the past 10 years (1996 ~ 2005) mechanism carpet production in China increased an average of about 15% in the past 5 years (2000 ~ 2004) mechanisms Chinese carpet at an average annual output increase of 20.11 percent. Tufting carpet which in the past 10 years at an average annual increase of 10.43 percent in the past 5 years at an average annual increase of 13%; woven carpets in the past 10 years at an average annual increase of 29.32 percent in the past 5 years at an average annual increase of 38.12 percent; carpet pieces in recent years, an average of 5 Annual increase of 136.58 percent.

Chinese carpet mechanism for the rapid expansion of the size of the industry for three reasons: On the one hand, the existing mechanism for the carpet industry’s leading companies continue to expand the scale of sustained and rapid development, part of the backbone of the business continues to grow steadily. On the other hand, some of the handmade carpets to start a mechanism to transfer the carpet. Now more than a dozen handmade carpet companies go hand drive both the road and into large-scale enterprises; in the third, with China’s accession to WTO, foreign companies have also begun a number of carpet carpet into the Chinese market. Some foreign-owned enterprises such as Egypt weaving Oriental Limited, the root of environmental protection Levin carpet Baodi Co., Ltd. has settled in Tianjin, and the huge scale of production in the future, it is the largest international manufacturers are also ready to carpet into China, then China will be a carpet industry is facing re – Cards.

Second, we constantly improve the product mix. In comparison, the mechanism of Chinese carpet industry is sparse and scattered abroad, no carpets large-scale enterprises, but rich and varied types of products. At present, only Yamahana group on the carpet covering axminster carpet, Wilton carpets, Tufting carpet, carpet box, printed carpet, carpet, and other automotive products, in terms of technology, or raw materials, high-Low Products were readily available.

Third, the quality improved. Chinese high-end carpet products to meet international standards. More than 10 companies to obtain certification of the New Zealand Wool Board, and Yamahana with Invista, Honeywell, Solutia, Toray, 3M, etc. to form a long-term good relations of cooperation.

Fourth, to enhance their own research and development capabilities. Enterprises attach great importance to their own R & D capabilities, and their own intellectual property rights protection. With international exchanges and cooperation between tertiary institutions, from product development to the design standards have been greatly improved.

China’s carpet market in the future

In recent years, China’s tourism and hotel industry Fangde industry is developing rapidly carpet to the market more than 20% of the speed of growth. Estimated that over the next few years, China’s growth is still strong carpet. In particular the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and Shanghai World Expo in 2010, the Guangzhou 2012 Asian Games held in major cities as well as the construction of the CBD will give commercial carpet market growth continued strong support mechanism for the carpet industry in China will Into the history of the fastest-growing period.

The domestic real estate development, China will promote the development of the domestic carpet market. Carpet for its warm and comfortable decorative effect by consumers. In the United States home market, accounting for 53% of the carpet, commercial carpet market, accounting for 47% and commercial carpet market share of a downward trend; Canada’s domestic carpet market, accounting for the carpet market, the market’s shop features 45 to 50%. Chinese carpet market in the world carpet market, an important component of the domestic carpet market share is very low. According to the authority of the department forecast in the next 10 years China’s gross floor area per year will be 1,000,000,000 square meters of the year. Optimism is expected to have a say in the next two to three decades, the construction industry will continue to more than 10% of the rate of growth. At present, the real estate industry has become China’s economy one of the three pillars of the industry, domestic market contain an unprecedented business opportunities. We believe that with China’s living environment and improve living standards, China’s domestic carpet market potential will be gradually developed as on the entire carpet industry plays an important role.

Chinese carpet market this big cake, the distribution of domestic and foreign enterprises the same seductive charm. Chinese carpet accompanied by mechanisms for the development of the industry, China’s imports of carpets and the year was also an increase trend. Chinese imports of carpets in 2005 amounted to 9,800,000 square meters, amounting to 62,390,000 U.S. dollars, up 6%, with an average unit price increased by 14%, ranked the top three importers of South Korea, Japan and the United States.

Is expected in the next few years, Chinese carpets will be more fierce market competition, but will be more orderly. More and more enterprises will be out of the misunderstanding of the price war, took to the quality, brand competition in the road. At the same time, the carpet market trend is clearly broken down. The carpet business will pay more attention to the development of differentiated, will be more targeted to develop their own marketing strategy.