China’s cotton prices all over the state of the market

Recently, Jiangsu Xinghua more rain, picking cotton, have been affected to some laundry. Due to the recent local seed cotton prices continuing to decline, cotton farmers to enhance psychological Hard Trading in a Dream, cotton prices to buy the slow progress on the acquisition from the amount of pre-jin 300,000 reduced to the present 3-4 million jin.

It is understood that the recent local lint spot price dropped again, cotton prices in order to reduce the cost of the acquisition, seed cotton prices down again. Oct. 28, 3 seed cotton purchase price to 2.54 yuan / jin (lint percentage rate of about 37%, 11% of the resurgence), 4 for 2.40 yuan / jin (lint percentage rate of about 36%, 11% regain), 5 Level for 2.10 yuan / jin (lint percentage rate of 35%, 11% regain), were dropped last 0.04-0.05 yuan jin; cottonseed price of 0.78 yuan / jin, the same period last year of 1.10-1.20 yuan / jin down The 0.32-0.42 yuan / jin, drop about 30%. Analysis of the industry, the textile industry continues to depress prices of seed cotton and cotton by-products of the loss of support, a short period of time unginned cotton prices are expected to remain within a narrow range oscillation.

In addition, the recent rumors of the local Chinese cotton reserves Management Corporation, will be part of the real estate Shouchu cotton, the local enterprises to buy a little boost of confidence, there are individual companies to enter the national cotton market for cotton traders to apply for the procedure.

Hubei Honghu seed cotton purchase price to stabilize

Recently, Hubei Lake City, seed cotton prices have stabilized, but the acquisition market is still not active, serious psychological Hard Trading in a Dream cotton, cotton prices are extremely limited amount of the acquisition, the progress of cotton significantly slower than in previous years. In addition, due to poor sales of lint cotton prices at the time to buy more cautious.

Oct. 28, 3 local seed cotton purchase price to 2.50 yuan / jin, the basic price stability, but the acquisition of cotton prices on a limited scale, mainly due to lint prices continued to fall and sales difficulties, slow circulation of funds, cotton enterprises having a lack of Confidence in the volume did not dare to buy seed cotton, lint dare not blindly hoarding.