China’s cotton prices remained low

The global economic downturn and China’s textile and garment exports hampered by the impact, and so on, the most recent period, China’s cotton prices remained low, and further to the transfer of cotton processing, purchasing, production, the cotton industry chain to form a series of price upside down, marked down the momentum of the whole The industry is facing great risk of loss.

Cotton price up not down cotton farmers living beyond their means

10 in the second half, when the peak harvest of cotton in cotton producing areas of the country famous interview with the Jianghan Plain, where this year’s sharp decline in cotton production, cotton prices up not down, cotton farmers hard busy year, Most of the living beyond their means, do not make anti-pay.

Jianghan Plain is located in the Tianmen and Qianjiang City, the country’s first batch of high-quality cotton production base in cities and counties, the two cities have annual production of cotton breakthrough Tam 1,000,000. Tianmen Agriculture Agricultural Technology Promotion Center, deputy director of the agronomists said Yang Qiyue, 8 in the second half of this year, cotton production in the formation of a critical period, the door two days from even the low-temperature weather, rain, cotton production dropped by an average of more than 20% of Up to 40%. Agricultural prices rose this year, rising labor costs, increase input to farmers. However, cotton production has not brought the prices of cotton this year, contrary to the purchase price is much lower than last year, squeezing farmers from both ends, Jiaokubudie.

Zhang Yue Yue Tianmen Town Village is more than the first-Chen Zhong Mian of renowned experts, this year planted 8 acres of cotton. He said this year was a natural disaster, the village seed cotton per mu on average only 300 Duojin, only 400 Duojin more than last year’s jin Wu Liubai less inferior. There are powerful agricultural prices, and some prices have doubled, he put the cost of each mu of more than 800 yuan more than last year invested an average of more than two or three hundred dollars.

Yu-chen in the first account calculations, the pound of cotton this year, the highest price is only 2.70 yuan, is not cast Toulao workers, there are two or three hundred dollars of income per mu; counted more than 30 per mu for work, it paid. General farmers in the village than his low-yield, the more compensation.

Hubei Agriculture Department survey shows that in general this year, the province’s cotton production, seed cotton yield was only 320 jin / mu in the same period last year to reduce the 90-jin, a decrease of 21%.

At the same time, the province’s cotton purchase price is all the way down, Kai Cheng price is basically the highest price. In late October, the day the door, Qianjiang both the highest average price for the acquisition of catty 2.78 yuan, only a low of around 2.40 yuan, while the average price last year amounted to 2.95 yuan.

Cotton prices higher than the purchase price priced at a loss to buy

On the one hand, a substantial increase in the cost of cotton, and cotton prices continued to fall, farmers generally wait-and-see, Hard Trading in a Dream; On the other hand, by the global economic downturn, and other factors, both international and domestic markets decline in the demand for cotton, sell for less than purchase price, acquisition processing The more business thanks to the more closed, one after another Shen-entry or suspend, in a dilemma.

Tianmen is located in the cotton, linen Chang Feng Co., Ltd. Fan, deputy general manager, said the level of this year, the cotton market is not good, some of the coastal cotton spinning enterprises have been closed down, demand of cotton. Tianmen cotton this year, until September 28 before Kai Cheng, delayed nearly a month than in previous years. At present, the only company to buy lint Tam about 100,000 less than last year’s acquisition of half of the volume.

Hubei Silver sponge industry limited liability company in Hubei Province is the largest cotton processing enterprises. Lu Lun, general manager of that feeling of cotton this year may be the most difficult since the founding. Last year, cotton catty average price of 2.95 yuan this year due to rising costs should be measured more than 3.0 yuan, but given the Agricultural Development Bank of Zhidao Jia is 2.60 yuan, according to the price of cotton can not simply close. Even if the average price earlier reached 2.78 yuan, the farmers do not actively sell. At present, only the company completed the acquisition of 500,000 lint Tam, plan to buy less than 1 / 3.

Similarly, the Agricultural Development Bank is a “no loans, no loans or” dilemma. Qianjiang City branch of the Agricultural Development Bank president Dong Xu said that in order to control the risk of funding this year, the Agricultural Development Bank loan to implement the online price and the warning level, “two” policy, the development of 2.60 yuan a catty cotton Zhidao Jia. However, even if the price of the acquisition, business acquisition costs amounted to 11,500 yuan / ton (lint), together with the financial, processing, transportation, keeping costs 200 yuan per ton, as well as profits, to be priced at up to 12,900 Yuan / ton. The current market price of 12,200 yuan / ton or so, planing to profit, net 500 yuan per ton. Yinhai as the company, according to the purchase price of 2.75 yuan terms, priced at only reached 1.3347 yuan / ton in order to preserve their capital at present is to buy a loss.

Industry highlighted the risk of loss of stability in the cotton challenge

Cotton industry involves the cultivation, Shouchu, textiles, dyeing and garment, and so many areas of the industrial chain of long, large-scale industries, and China’s foreign trade and economic growth in the major centers of resistance. Experts said that in the current world financial crisis and complex domestic and international cotton market, the price range of occur cotton industry upside down, highlighted the enormous risk of loss, the cotton market will be stable and cotton production next year have serious adverse effects.

Despite the price inversion led to the acquisition of part of the business closed until the suspension of the careful, but there is still a part of the acquisition also maintain business acquisitions, “gambling” mutually mentality, the hope of cotton market prices go up again.

Qianjiang City, I bear the Jianghan-owned cotton farms, the use of all of its own funds to buy cotton, in the absence of loan interest burden of pre-acquisition catty average price reached 2.95 yuan. October 18 onwards, the factory will start catty price fell to 2.8 yuan. Nevertheless, the price is still higher than the general surrounding areas every day to attract farmers in the surrounding farms and factories to buy the site from the sale of cotton waiting long.

Director ZENG Xiang-hua said that at present, the international price of cotton has dropped to 8400 yuan / ton, the value of imports of China is only 9500 yuan / tons, much lower than the cost of domestic cotton. The reason why they continue to buy, is to “gamble” cotton market prices go up again.

Qianjiang City branch of the Agricultural Development Bank president Dong Xu said that the mentality behind such a great risk of loss. At present, the world financial crisis is far from over, together with the international cotton supply and demand, the trend of cotton market in the future who is also a hard nut to crack.

In addition, farmers living beyond their means next year will have a negative impact on cotton, Qianjiang, the two-day door officials said cotton acreage next year will face a substantial shrinkage of market stability and challenges.

Avoid big ups and downs in industry-related policies need to improve

Experts said that China’s cotton spinning industry than the major cotton demand, 1 / 3 to rely on imports. The soaring cotton price slump has affected not only the cotton acreage, production stability, but also influence the development of the cotton spinning industry, important. Suggested that the state departments concerned to take positive measures to curb the current trend of decline in the cotton industry, cotton production and stability in the market, price stability and avoid big ups and downs in emerging industries.

First of all, it is necessary to improve the cotton insurance, subsidies and other related policies. Million expansion that departments should carry out a pilot insurance cotton, cotton set up insurance system, improve the anti-cotton growers of natural disasters risks.

Second, improve the pricing mechanism for the acquisition, the minimum price protection policy. Investigation learned that China’s cotton pricing power has not fully liberalized, the main channel funds to play the role of the Agricultural Development Bank is responsible for the development of the cotton Zhidao Jia.

Third, accelerating the development of market players to raise voice in the international market. Mr Lu said that the opening up of China’s cotton market, a business and Chung, a low threshold, currently there are 18,000 small cotton plant, small plant Siwu Bai tons of cotton a year only, small-scale cotton market have less Rush in the harvest, cotton, but do not want to close more, prices fall; coupled with a lack of size enterprises, have no say in the international market is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry.

In addition, the cotton-producing areas to strengthen the infrastructure construction of farmland, irrigation and water conservancy to address in particular the small water conservancy, “rest on our laurels”; appropriate land circulation, the formation of professional cotton cooperatives, to expand the operation scale and raise the level of cultivation and economies of scale are, of course, the grass-roots level in the agricultural sector and related Experts Call for drawing attention an important part.

Agricultural Bank of China announced on the 12th, the bank issued an emergency credit facilities 8 “three rural” measures to implement the central authorities to further expand domestic demand and economic growth related to the deployment. Next year to add “three rural” county and the scale of investment credit for more than 100,000,000,000 yuan.

First, to irrigation and water, clean energy, chemical fertilizer and pesticide, water circuit gas industry, such as the breakthrough point, to strengthen South-North Water Diversion and other major water conservancy project construction, large-scale irrigation area of agricultural infrastructure, such as financial services. Particularly in the credit line in advance input, to speed up rural highway construction, and promote the integration of urban and rural industries.

The second is based on innovation, support for small and medium enterprises continued to increase. Construction of the differences between small and medium enterprises county credit system, increase the size of the credit tilt, and actively promote small business customer list management system. Issuance of loans for SMEs to actively strive to develop self-help small business loans can be recycled.

The third is to promote the integration of urban and rural industries and the development of economic and social integration. Increase the state’s key construction area of credit support; support for sound rural market system, focusing on cultivating a number of powerful large-scale agriculture-related trade groups; support in rural areas to improve the traffic conditions and living environment.

Fourth, increase the benefits of agricultural cards, and loans to farmers to improve the practical difficulties. In 2009, the Agricultural Bank plans to benefit farmers card issued 20,000,000 over the next 3 years and strive to benefit farmers card issued 100,000,000, covering 50% of the farmers.

Fifth, strengthen the major grain-producing areas in low-yielding fields of credit to support the transformation. Promote the food industry take advantage of building in support of agricultural industrialization leading enterprises to carry out a base-building, technology acquisition and seasonal. 2011, the national, provincial agricultural industrialization leading enterprises in the service coverage to reach 90% and 60%.

Sixth, we do a good job of the financial services post-disaster reconstruction in post-disaster reconstruction nearly 300 million credit based on the credit facilities continue to increase funding.

Seventh, to support the development of social undertakings in rural areas and the protection of home construction. Increase the transformation of squatter settlements, high-quality food, grain and oil to buy cotton, farmers financial subsidies, animal epidemic prevention, quality and safety inspection of agricultural products, such as financial support; continue to increase low-cost Housing, affordable housing, such as security and housing, as well as Small and medium-sized units, in the ordinary low-cost housing development and construction of financial support.

Pat is constantly exploring “three rural” new ways. Stability and development in rural areas and business networks; the establishment and improvement of county-business management system; actively explore the formation of investment banks and other towns and villages in rural financial institutions, insurance companies set up in rural, agricultural finance and leasing companies to launch a “three rural” Development Fund, etc., to explore multi-channel services “three rural” new ways