China’s textile exports Market Comments

The abolition of textile quotas – which was once the number of Chinese textile export enterprises inner expectations, but in the financial tsunami, under the shadow of the winter, for quota-free era, many companies are glad to not be. This reporter has learned that the Ministry of Commerce since January 1, 2009 will no longer apply the export volume of textile exports to the U.S. and permits management and exports to the EU textile export license management, Zhongshan enterprises in an interview with reporters said that although it is a good news, but for export enterprises, by next year, exports also face many tests, the head enterprise quality, the quality is particularly important.

Some enterprises reflected in previous years, as exports to the U.S. exports to the EU quota of tension, so they opted for other markets abroad. “The long run, the lifting of the quotas or beneficial, after all, the financial turmoil is only a temporary crisis.”

However, in the face of the elimination of quotas, many enterprises are not pleased with. Zhongshan, a large trading company directors, ZHONG Sheng, deputy general manager, said: “For business, the elimination of quotas is a positive, especially for our textile exports big run, no longer have to buy a quota each year, but the current textile export faced with two more important issues, first, Europe and the United States market to shrink, fewer orders for textile enterprises, some enterprises are facing difficulties to survive; Second, the United States introduced the new requirements, implemented as of next year, textile exports are faced with more stringent standards. ”

Members of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Bureau (CPSC) recently announced that the U.S. imports of textile and garment market products of the new requirements, all exported to the U.S. market for textiles and clothing products from the beginning of February 2009 to comply with. In accordance with this provision, in violation of safety regulations imports textile and garment products will be directly thorough destruction, enterprises were found to breach 15 million U.S. dollars will be fine.

Zhongshan Inspection and Quarantine relevant person in charge told reporters that the new law is also a baby clothing in particular, to strengthen safety management, including supervision of fabric, string quality, as well as other quality accessories. The source reminded, Zhongshan exports of textile enterprises should strengthen the safety and quality indicators for testing, do not put into production of raw materials fail, fail to meet the product is not manufactured, to maximize the exports to avoid the risk.