China’s textile industry export dependence on higher

Successfully gone through half a century of ups and 91st Session of China Knitwear Trade Fair opened in Shanghai on the 22nd. The global spread of the financial crisis, a time when weakness in textile exports, over the years has always been committed to the domestic market to open up the “will of the needle”, so eager to seek transformation of a large number of the mainland of China textile and garment enterprises to see hope.

Over the years, China exported textile and garment industry a higher degree of dependence, when financial crisis struck, when a drop in demand in overseas markets, many businesses are very difficult. In addition, various factors have led to increased production costs, raw material prices, in some areas even more than the closure of textile and garment enterprises phenomenon.

Data show that in 2008 ten months before the Chinese textile and garment enterprises in the production of profit growth rate of negative 1.77 per cent, the first time in a decade of negative growth. Facts have proved that under the influence of the financial crisis, China’s textile and apparel industry pattern of export-oriented industries is no longer appropriate.

February 4 this year, China’s State Council considered and approved in principle the planning to revitalize the textile industry adjust. As a key support for the Ministry of Commerce of China, the mainland of China knitted clothing and textile industry the most authoritative, the oldest one of the show, the Chinese needle cotton Fair has been playing a “brand incubator” role. The face of this year China’s total textile and garment industry in the doldrums, the current “in the needle will be” more hope that through the organization, such as “China’s textile and garment industry to expand domestic demand”, “Chinese famous (silk) awarded licensing ceremony”, “2009 China’s domestic services industry the development of the summit, “a series of activities will be delivered to the industry-wide confidence.

Present “in the needle will be” China’s National Bureau of Statistics chief economist Yao Jingyuan said China has 1.3 billion people, this is an enormous market, the focus shifted to the domestic market, expanding domestic demand are the current should be able to do, it is also necessary to do thing. Yao pointed out that China’s textile and garment industry GDP accounting for 7 percent of GDP, China’s economy are the traditional pillar industries. A lot of people think that the Chinese textile and garment industry is entering a “winter”, but has the “crises” have “machine,” changing market environment, industry, only the efforts of enterprises to adapt to market changes quickly develop coping strategies to accelerate industrial upgrading, in order to more best adapt to the market quickly from the unfavorable situation, so that the sound development of enterprises.

Hold the same opinion of economic experts were also Pan-fan, in his view, the textile industry has entered the current industry-wide transformation, the basic strategy of Chinese enterprises is to achieve growth in the value of sustainable development. China’s textile industry as a labor-intensive industries, the cost of production is no longer in low circumstances, will be the phenomenon of transfer of industry, only the speedy completion of industrial upgrading of enterprises to complete the transformation of pain, suffering only from a struggling, draw lessons in order to survival and development.