China’s textile industry in 2009 to identify the four major development goals

China Textile Industry Association vice-president Wang Tiankai said yesterday that China’s textile industry is facing a global economic turbulence, the domestic economic slowdown in the growth and their own difficulties in the grim situation, in response to the financial crisis to ensure that the development of the industry and further improve, our textile industry in 2009 to determine the four major development goals. Wang Tiankai, the last 1-11 months, more than the size of the textile industry totaled 104.2 billion yuan of profits, an increase of negative 1.77 percent, industry loss expanded to 16.97 percent from 20.44 percent. Textile Economy in 2009 to run the situation facing very serious.

In response to the financial crisis to ensure that the development of the industry, Wang Tiankai announced China’s textile industry this year, the four major development goals. First, in order to enhance the capacity of the main changes in mode of development, the whole industry will promote the combination, the industrial chain integration, new materials, new techniques, new equipment, information technology and energy-saving emission reduction, clean production, green textile and other key areas to speed up the high-tech technology development and utilization. Second, deepening reform, further adjustments to upgrade. The third is to enhance a sense of crisis, and actively prevent risks. The fourth is to strengthen the industry self-regulation, and expand public services. The textile industry will be established to improve public service platform, to enhance product quality supervision, technical advice and intellectual property protection.