China’s textile industry with the development of the industry usher in spring

Increase investment in railways, highways and airports and other major infrastructure construction, education, health care and public investment in the cause of the move of China’s steady economic growth will have a positive role in promoting, for China’s industrial textiles industry is a major positive .

To be called the fourth-largest geosynthetics material, is widely used in railways, highways, ports, airports, rivers, and other construction. So far this year, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, the Beijing-Shijiazhuang Railway Passenger Line, Dan Wu passenger lanes, Jin Qin Railway Passenger Line-intensive projects, such as work. Department of Transportation in 4 arrangements for the quarter 10,000,000,000 yuan, after the next two years will be arrangements for the 1 trillion yuan invested in railway infrastructure. Railway construction of a long cycle, the upper reaches of the apparent effect of pulling the industry, which will geotextile manufacturers bring tremendous business opportunities.

Zhejiang Star Industrial Co., Ltd. with an annual output of geotextile fabric material more than 30,000,000 meters, the company Dong Hwa University and the Shanghai Cooperation for Development through the glass fiber geogrid fabric, warp composite geomembrane and geotextile reinforced composite products were State railways, highways used for key projects. Wuhan-Guangzhou passenger line, Xiamen in Fujian to the railway, Kim Yong-Jinhua Expressway paragraph, and so they are used in the project company’s products. The company’s geotechnical materials have been arranged in the order in 2009. General Manager of Kunming tube said: “The introduction of the country to support the development of the industry, to stimulate the economy to a smooth transition policies for the production of geotextile materials offers business opportunities for the development of our confidence be of great help.”

China Technical Textiles Industry Association statistics show that in 2007 China’s various types of geosynthetics for the production of 138,000 tons, of which acupuncture non-woven geotextile 64,000 tons. China Technical Textiles Industry Association chairman Zhu Min-ju of the view that the state has increased rail, road construction, is bound to drive the development of geotextiles largest industry. He said that the textile “11th Five-Year” plan to identify priority to the development of a new type of geosynthetics goal over the next 10 years, will be the development of geosynthetics of non-woven geotextile-based, balanced network, grille, the seat pad, Georgian Room, drainage, etc., and to strengthen the popularization and application, the solution to the construction of specific technical problems.

To speed up the development of health policy for China’s industrial textiles industry development opportunities. Chinese textile industry trade association Zhang Yan told reporters that last year China’s medical health supplies in the production of about 430,000 tons, 70% of exports. But each year China’s imports of 4,000,000,000 U.S. dollars of medical textiles. In the bionic materials, China has entered the field of manufacturing enterprises is practically nil. Biomimetic materials in the areas of medical, textile and materials sciences. Bionic textile materials including artificial kidney, artificial heart valves, heart care network, artificial skin, artificial blood vessels, and so on, China’s enterprises in technology and the market have not entered these areas. As a result, the medical health materials to expand domestic demand, there are a lot of room for the market.

In addition, the Biomedical textiles there are a lot of room for the market. China’s large population, with the improvement of living standards, demand for biomedical textiles is growing. According to the needs of the community and our existing technology base,

Textile, “11th Five-Year Plan” to identify biomedical research and development focus textiles are as follows: natural resources to China (chitin, seaweed, bone collagen) of the raw materials for biomedical textiles; be able to replace a large number of biomedical textile imports, such as artificial kidney, Artificial lung, absorbable suture; medical personnel to use multi-functional protective clothing and protective equipment. Therefore, the development of biomedical textiles, is not only the needs of expanding domestic demand and industrial upgrading.

Fu Jun, Guangdong, Shandong Group Junfu Nonwovens Co., Ltd. in 2007 from Germany to introduce Laifen 4 melt-blown SMS spunbond production line, which is currently the most advanced production equipment, medical and health materials. Tan, deputy general manager of the group Wu also said: “Through market research, we feel very high-end medical textile market, but now most of the domestic market, international brands have been occupied, so we decided to enter this field. We aim at the international art Equipment, to develop our own high-end medical surgical clothing, towels, surgical materials, plan in three phases, the introduction of a total of 6 production lines, probably to around 3.5 billion investment. We are very concerned about the country’s industrial policy, the state decided to speed up the development of medical and health undertakings, We have to take advantage of this opportunity to build our strategic reserve. Recently, we will be in the province of medical engineering research and development center on the basis of the establishment of a national medical engineering research and development center, to create their own brand of medical health materials. ”

Technical Textiles industry is the beneficiary of national policy, is to promote the fast development of China’s economic good of the new force. As the industry’s growing understanding of the importance and the industry’s contribution to economic development will grow.