Chinese chemical fiber enterprises to run hard

Recently, the Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2008 Jiang Shicheng industrial upgrading the textile industry speaking Technology Forum that the current world financial crisis deeper and deeper, China’s chemical fiber enterprises to run hard, therefore enterprises need to change the development of ideas, foster a scientific concept of development, closely focusing on improve the industry and the enterprise’s core competitiveness of the center, to speed up industry restructuring pace of development.

China’s chemical fiber industry in 2007 total production capacity 25.72 million tons, production of 23.9 million tons, have been more than half the share of the world. Production has been completed ahead of schedule the “Eleventh Five-Year” the goal of 23.5 million tons. Fiber is also the rapid growth of exports over imports, China’s chemical fiber in 2007 a total of 1,110,000 tons of imports, exports 1.54 million tons. In 2007 the actual use of chemical fiber 23.46 million tons, accounting for two-thirds of the total textile fiber processing. China’s per capita fiber consumption reached 17.8 kilograms, while in 2003 only 10 kilograms. It can be said that China’s chemical fiber industry development of ultra-high-speed has made great achievements attracting worldwide attention.

But at the same time, the development of deep-seated problems and contradictions have been apparent. Academician Jiang mentioned homogenization of production of conventional products can be developed too fast; raw materials shortage of resources, the international dependence on high, driving up costs; increasing competition starts declining; high-tech original technology lagged, the slow development of high-tech fiber; the United States triggered by the world’s financial crisis-affected emerging; environmentally unsustainable pressure. It can be said that China’s chemical fiber industry development has reached a turning point to change the development of ideas, from quantity-oriented to technology, variety, performance-based development of a fundamental change.

Academician Jiang Shicheng said that the next few years, China’s chemical fiber industry and the critical period of transition. Fiber pattern of the current world has been undergoing structural adjustment, the Western developed countries are basically out of the conventional chemical fiber production, to go high-tech, high-performance fibers, as well as life sciences and other new areas. The focus of the world’s chemical fiber production has been transferred to China, and bring a good opportunity and great challenge. In the era of economic globalization, China’s chemical fiber industry, chemical fiber enterprises has also become a competitive world market, the mainstay of China’s conventional chemical fiber production and varieties of large-scale chemical enterprise with the international competitors already have the ability to contend with, but China’s enterprises in the hi-tech high-performance fibers, in new product development capabilities, in the modern marketing tools, as well as modern management science, etc., with the international chemical fiber production country or regions, there are still a big gap. He expected the next two years to 2015, China’s chemical fiber industry slowed down the speed of development, will enter a normal pace of development. But the past two years, enterprises will face the bottom, through the adjustment and development, exploring the law of survival of adversity.

He gave good enterprises, the introduction of more advanced technology and equipment, the existing production line technological transformation, or building a more competitive edge devices. Accelerate the optimization of product structure adjustment, improve the conventional product quality, to develop differentiated, functional fibers, add value to their products and competitiveness. Enterprises must also be downstream textile products with one-stop joint enterprise application development. Accelerate the advancement of modern management level of enterprises to learn from the advanced experience of modern management, strengthen high-level composite talent training and updating of knowledge.